Everquest Movies

Like Bombastika, I also have an addiction to EverQuest. I think Ill actually need professional therapy one day. But for now my therapy lies in multimedia.

During times of boredom or inspiration (sometimes one in the same), I set up a web cam, ordered pizza and Mello yellow, and made some EverQuest based movies.

The first 2 are like EQ meets the Real World. Emperor Crush (an orc from Crushbone) comes to stay with me for a few weeks. I plan to do more of these at some point, but I am camera shy. Continue reading Everquest Movies

Ultima I Pt II

Well, Its not quite Ultima Online, and its definitely Not Ultima Worlds: Origins. Of course not, the suits at Electronic Arts cancelled it. But, it is definitely a worth while freeware project being put together by the guys at Peroxide.

Ultima I is a shareware recreation of the original Lord British, Richard Garriott game that started it all, Utima I. Lord British, himself, gave permission to recreate Utima as an entirely new game. Peroxide is recreating the game in 24/32 bit 3D color with MP3 sound. The screenshots I saw looked incredible for a free game. You can even download the alpha version of the interface and test it out. Jump on over to Peroxide and get the alpha version. Just make sure you drop back by and let us know what you think!

New and Improved Broadcast Stream!

I am extremely excited to announce our new primary 56k stream! Put this URL in your MP3 player, Now, you will see the name of the Artist and the Song. I also left the live365 stream as a back up. You can use it through this url,

We are constantly working to bring you the best streaming we can. If you have any suggestions or can help us with additional bandwidth, please let us know.