Tom Green Pt 3

Sony Pictures announces the latest Tom Green expirement called Stealing Havard. It will co-star Jason Lee (of Clerks fame).

The story goes something like this…..

Duff (Tom Green) and John (Jason Lee) are best friends, but couldnt be more different. Duff is a confirmed under-achiever and a lifelong bad influence on John. John is a practical, hard working guy who only wants to marry his longtime girlfriend Elaine (Leslie Mann).

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Ultima Online Still Growing…

OSI announces the next expansion in the 5 year old Ultima Online. This time around, players will be able to make major structural changes to their houses and the long promised Necromancy system will finally be in place, along with the new Paladin class. Oh, and their will be yet another land mass for expansion. The full press release awaits you, just click Read More.
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