Extremelan Closes Shop

Only 20 days after we started talking about Extreme Lan, they had this post in their forums.

Despite our best efforts to get funding to keep the event alive after we lost our largest financial contributor, all attemps to get funding have failed. ExtremeLAN officially will be cancelled in the next few days, and everyone will be refunded as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your support, and we regret that we have been forced to cancel the event. I have lost entirely too much money at this, so I believe I will be out of the “Big LAN” business for good…

We are sorry to see this event go. In our part of the world, you dont get opportunities like this very often. It looks like that will continue to be the case.

BF1942 movies non stop!

So, you just cant get enough of those BF1942 movies? Well, it looks like there are other people out there like you [and me!]

Going through the Internet TV listing in WinAMP 5, I came across “BF1942 Movies!”. Worth the check out. Right now it is playing NBrigades Explosions video.

I have been watching it for a little bit now and have not seen the same movie twice.

[edit] Looks like at this time it is a 4 movie rotation… [/edit]

If you have made a BF1942 movie, they have an email address to get with them about putting it up. [admin@g-town.ath.cx]

Go check it out!

Friday Night Fights – Update (again!)

I just received word from -1313-Evil_Homer, Site Director for PlanetBattlefield.com. He put all five maps together for a single download. He also put them into a self installer. Now, all you will have to do is unzip and install.

The news story will be posted this Friday, after Noon with a link to the download.

We would like to thank -1313-Evil_Homer for all his help and support with this Friday Nights Fights – Custom Map Night. YOU ROCK!

Kazaa to sue music and movie industry.

As reported on Yahoo, the U.S. Federal Court gave the go ahead to Sharman Networks, owners of the file sharing software Kazaa, to counter sue the entertainment industry for copyright infringement.

The lawsuit would be over the possible misuse of their software to invade users privacy, send corrupt files and send threatening messages.

Get the full, yet short, story here: Yahoo! News

RaveTrax.com = teh win!

Ok, I have posted about this in the forums… But watching it right now made me come over here and post an article about it…

RaveTrax.com – Check it!!!

Every Friday night they hold live DJ sessions that you can watch either via their web site, or via WinAMP 5. They also host an irc channel that you can jump into and talk to the DJs as they spin. [irc.ravetrax.com #ravetrax]

The DJs on here are VERY good and worth checking out.


Butterfly, A Bomb?

Ashton Kutchers new film, The Butterfly Effect comes out this weekend. Based on the previews, I want to see this film. Apparently, the critics do not like the film and have lambasted Kutchers performance. Either way, Ill probably watch it when it hits video, but if you are interested in more information about this movie, drop by this website: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/living/articles/2004/01/23/kutcher_falls_flat_in_the_butterfly_effect/

Custom Map – Friday Night Fights Update

Just a quick update for the January 30th, Friday Night Fights featuring all custom maps. The map list will be delayed until January 25th. Im stuck in Hawaii on a business trip until the 24th and this laptop wont support BF42. Wheres alienware when you need them? 🙂

Keep telling your friends and check back next weekend. It will be a great time as long as you help support it.

Red vs Blue vs The /. effect

Red vs Blues second movie of the second season went public yesterday… If you dont know what Red vs Blue is, we will get to that when you click Read More…

Anyway, with the second season coming, it was posted on Slashdot. Great news is is that RvB will get even more press for being on Slashdot, bad thing is, they have been struck with the not so friendly /. effect [Tons of people seeing it on Slashdot and hitting RvB hard to where the server is having a hard time]

I was just now able to get in, so keep trying and download “Episode 21 Motion To Adjourn”

Now then, what is Red vs Blue??? Read More! Continue reading Red vs Blue vs The /. effect

WoW Part III

The people over at GameSpy have a third part to their coverage of the highly anticipated World of Warcraft.

In this part they talk about what Blizzard is doing to make this MMORPG different than all the others.

Personal Note:
I have made it a point to stay away from the pay for play MMOs ever since they came out… Well, leave it to Blizzard to change my outlook on this. When WoW comes out, you will see me in this world quite a bit. [I feel so 0w3n3d already and it hasnt even come out yet!]

Check it: http://www.gamespy.com/interviews/january04/wow/ Continue reading WoW Part III

Linkin Park Meteora World Tour

Linkin Park, Hoobastank and POD kicked off their world tour in Fairfax, VA on 1/16/2004.

This is a must check out event if you are in to these bands!

Dates for our local area:
OKC: 02/22/2004 at the Lloyd Noble Center
Dallas: 02/23/2004 at the American Airlines Center

Check: http://www.linkinpark.com for more tour dates.

On a side note, when you check dates at their site, they stream out some great music as well 🙂

Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.6 Update Information

From Battlefield 1942 Community update – 1/15/04

Good Day, Soldiers!
Its been an eventful few weeks here as we gear up to release the 1.6 patch, by far the most comprehensive patch to date. Youll find a complete feature list for the patch below. As you will notice, its a very large patch with the full client patch weighing in at a hefty 266 MB. With the addition of Punkbuster, were commited to releasing the cleanest patch yet. So, please be patient. We want to give you this patch just as much as you want to get it!
Continue reading Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.6 Update Information