WoW Alpha Leak

In a land of orcs, humans and blah blah blah…

Ok heres the deal. Blizzard was looking to use a small group of external people to alpha test World of WarCraft… One thing leads to another and some idiot on the external alpha team goes and leaks the files to the internet.

Why do people do this? Have they not seen what happends when code/programs are leaked out? Look at what we get with Half Life 2.. A bunch of ATI cards with coupons for the game whenever it comes out.
Well, stop it already! We do enjoy games coming out when they are supposed to, and some of us enjoy the anticipation. Remeber how long you waited for WarCraft III??? Sure made me jump on that game the second it came out… Good news is, signups for the beta test will start at the end of the month.

Anyway, check out the information here: World or Warcraft General Discussions

Desert Combat 0.6f Released

The ever-popular mod Desert Combat was updated and released yesterday to add enhancements and bug fixes.
This update is considered one of their biggest updates with the inclusion of three new maps and MANY new vehicles.
The team has been working on making the teams more balanced and this update seems to have helped a little bit. While they do note that there are still some issues of some things being more powerful then their counterparts, they do mention that they are still working on this issue.
From a personal perspective:
I played this updated mod at a LAN party yesterday from both sides and thought that things were better when it comes to balance. The new vehicles seemed to be the causing factor in this. I highly recommend trying out this update if you have been unhappy with the previous ones. Click “read more” for the list of updates for this mod.
Mod Located at: Continue reading Desert Combat 0.6f Released

GRB Announces Friday Night Fights!

The Gamers Radio Battalion -=*GRB*=- is proud to announce the start of our Friday Night Fights. This friday night, we will play RtR CTF, along with a few Regular BF maps. If you have RtR, drop by and join us.

The map list is currently set to play in this order: Anzio, Stalingrad, Baytown, Battleaxe, Salerno, Kursk, Santo Croce.

Id also like to publically thank BigTuna, Death2U, and Racer for donating towards the server. It has been very appreciated.


Battlefield 1942 Adds Punkbusters to Prevent Cheating!

I am glad to see EA address cheating in BF42. It would have been nice if they had done this from the beginning. Hopefully they learned their lesson and will incorporate this into future games. Here is the message from the Official Battlefield 1942 website.

In response to the #1 request from the community, DICE & EA are proud to announce the inclusion of anti-cheat measures in the next patch for Battlefield 1942. The Battlefield team is committed to providing an exploit-free gaming environment for members of our community. Our goal is to have measures in place which address both current and future cheats. As such, after researching existing anti-cheat programs, weve determined that Punkbusterâ„¢ suits our purposes perfectly. Well keep everyone updated as to our progress. For now, we have successfully integrated Punkbuster into the upcoming 1.6 patch and were in the process of testing it.

EAComMike and the rest of the Battlefield team…