New Music Added To Station

I thought I would give you a run down of the some of the hot new artist added to the radio station. Keep us tuned in for more hot new songs traditional radio stations are afraid to play!

36 Crazyfists – Slit Wrist Theory (You know its good when you start off with a song like that! Ed.)
Atreyu – Lip Gloss & Black
Black Label Society – Rust
Blindside – All of Us
Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild
Flaw – Recognize
Lo-Pro – Sunday
Slaves on Dope – Go
Soil – Redefine
Three Days Grace – Just Like You

Battlefield 1942 Server Manager Update

Black Bag Ops, creators or Battlefield 1942 Server Manager, have announced today what they are working on for the beta 4e release.

Quote from Black Bag Ops:
I am currently working on beta 4e which already sports the following new features;
· Added Clients dialog page to BxRM
· Added mod filtering in maplist
· Added support for a server “idle map”
· Added new “banned words” function
(kicks players with banned words in their player name or chat messages)
· Added support for console commands in the player menu
(can be used to kill a player)
· Added option to enforce single client logons
· Added option to shutdown server when BxSM exits
· Made player chat logging optional
· Added support for optional CSV admin log
(can be used with an external “why was I kicked/banned?” application)
I hope to release beta 4e to the testers sometime this weekend for a tentative release date of April 18.
I am interested in hearing how BF1942 and BFVietnam server admins are administering PunkBuster at this time and determining the level of interest in seeing a “PunkBuster” dialog page added to BxSM. If you have any thoughts to offer on this subject please post in this forum thread. Thanks.

Call of Duty Expansion

As reported on CoDFiles, Activision confirmed today that they are working on Call of Duty: United Offensive.

Quote from CoDFiles:
Santa Monica, CA – April 9, 2004 – Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) confirmed today that gamers can enlist for a second tour of duty on the intense front lines of WWII with Call of Dutyâ„¢: United Offensiveâ„¢ – the expansion pack to the highly acclaimed, #1 best-selling Call of Dutyâ„¢ from Infinity Ward. Delivering a compelling, all-new single player campaign filled with new weapons, character abilities and other expanded features, Call of Duty: United Offensive also offers a robust multiplayer experience introducing new maps and modes of play. Building on Call of Duty’s award-winning cinematic intensity and chaos of battle, players are thrust alongside their squad mates into more authentic action on Europe’s most historic battlefields. Currently in development at Gray Matter Interactive Studios, Call of Duty: United Offensive is expected to release later this fall and is rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB.Continue reading Call of Duty Expansion

Battlefield Vietnam Update

EA and Dice are making it a point to tell everything thank you and that they are working on getting BFV to where everyone wants it.

Quote from EA:
“For those of you familiar with Battlefield 1942, youre already aware of the level of support you can expect from the Battlefield team. Battlefield Vietnam is no exception. In the next few months you can expect to see updates which add new features, incorporate community requests and add new content. Were currently working on an update which will incorporate some of your suggestions such as tweaking the M60/LAW combo as well as addressing performance issues experienced by some people. Stay tuned for more information on this in the upcoming weeks.”

Check out the full community update: EA BFV Update

Big Five Music Labels At It Again!

When will they get it? I have so many expletives that I want to throw at the music industry. Its enough to make me want to shut down the radio station because I pay for licensed Internet broadcasting, putting money in their pockets.

If you havent heard, they are already considering forcing the price of legal Internet singles downloads up to $1.25-$2.49. Morons! Give it a chance to take hold before you push everyone away. Youve already done everything you can to price gauge Internet Radio Broadcasters, now this! All I have to say is Karma. They will get what is coming to them.

If you want more information, go here.

FNF – BF42 Custom Map Review

I did not get a chance to play all the custom maps on Friday, so I wasnt able to provide a good review. Steping up to the plate this time around was Tman from clan {pdx} and |GRB| Sarge from our own Gamers Radio Battalion.

One thing I should point out is Close Combat was pulled from rotation due to an issue with the Axis spawn point. We hope to have it in our next Battlefield 1942 Custom Map Night on Friday, April 30th.

For reviews of 304 House of Hellsing, 304 Fields of the Fallen, Dambusters, China Sea and Tarawa, click Read More… Continue reading FNF – BF42 Custom Map Review

New D&D Titles on the way or April Fools Joke?

In a remote end of the galaxy, in an obsure community forum, word of three new D&D games was posted, albiet, on April 1st….. Hmmm. The poster claims it is no hoax and that poster is a part of Ataris Public Relations.

Here are the three new games.

NWN2 – Neverwinter Nights 2
BG3 – Baldurs Gate 3 (will I ever finish 2, darn you BFV!)
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone – News to me….

There is no further information, but the thread is an interesting read. Lets hope there is some truth to this.

FNF – Custom Map Night


The maps are in the downloads section. House of Hellsing was corrupt in the installer. If you downloaded it before 10:30 AM EST on 04/02/2004 or if you downloaded it from PlanetBattlefield, there is a seperate link to download House of Hellsing direct. Please grab both. This is the coolest new map in the list, so make sure you grab it. Thanks to Tman from {pdx} for letting us know.

Update Map pack has been recreated and is available for download. I apologize for this issue, seems the map file did not download all the way when I grabbed it last night. – ephil