FNF – Custom Map List

The map list has been finalized. This time around, we bring you 6 maps, 3 from 304 and 3 from PlanetBattlefield.com.

China Sea – A pacific theatre map with lots of flags and an island only big enough for one of us. 🙂

304 Close Combat – This is probably the smallest, tightest, most wicked map you will ever play. King of the hill was never this fun.

Dambusters – Set in the dead of winter, Germany has the advantage, but Mother Russia can take that away. This will be an interesting battle as long as the Russians hold the line.

304 House of Hellsing – Youve seen a plane hangar and a train hangar, but have you ever seen a boat hangar? You have now if you play this map. This map is going to make you rethink every map you have ever played as you look at the most interesting use of fences I have ever seen. I hope you are not afraid of heights!

Tarawa – Another Pacific theatre map, but this time, there are tons of planes and tons of flags, on an even smaller island. Dont confuse the pier with Coney Island, because there is no time for cotton candy. You better move on those flags fast soldier, else you are gonna loose.

304 Fields of the Fallen – What can I say? This is the best map we have ever played on a Friday Night Fight, so we brought it back for another round. Just remember, every map needs a good hiding spot.

Join us as we give you a Friday Night Fights exclusive, never seen before presentation of 304s House of Helsing and 304s Close Combat (and I mean close).

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Friday Night Fights – Custom Maps

This Friday night, FNF – Custom Map Night for Battlefield 1942 returns! We are still finalizing the maplist and downloads may not be ready until late tonight. Check back for the updated info.

The maps that we are sure of include Fields of the Fallen and House of Helsing. Those of you that played with us last time might remember Fields of the Fallen as one of the best custom maps ever played on a FNF. House of Helsing is the latest map from LoU Cipher and GreatScott, authors of Fields of the Fallen. And since they have joined the GRB, you can be sure they will be there to play these great maps with us. In fact, we will be the first to ever see their latest map.

The rest of the maps will be taken from some of the best Custom Maps ever submitted. Seriously, the level of talent with Battlecraft 42 was just starting to peak when BFV came out. We will have more info on GamersRadio.com as soon as we have the list finalized.

The action starts about 7pm CST and goes on until everyone gets sick of playing……