Geeks 1, Oasis 0

It appears that the lead singer for Oasis, Liam Gallagher and his body guards got their butts kicked by a group of Computer Salesmen in a German bar. LOL, Am I the only one that sees the humor in that? The article goes on to say that Liam started it. Serves him right for being a cocky rock star. I feel sorry for the body guards. Who would want to hire them after this?

The Inquirer has the full story.

Battlefield Vietnam Review

Ok, I was slacking a bit, but here is a BF42 fans review of Battlefield Vietnam.

Ever since I heard a rumor about EA registering the name Battlefield Vietnam with the trademark office, I have been intrigued by the prospect of a new game based on similar mechanics as Battlefield 1942, but in a Vietnam setting. As my imagination took hold, I dreamt of what I thought the game would be like. Sure, I loved playing BF42 and Eve of Destruction was my personal favorite mod for Battlefield, but we all know no matter how good a mod is, the pro’s usually seem to due them one better.

Official Map Review Section

As you know, we at Gamers Radio are big fans of custom maps for BF42 and BFV. In the past, we have been doing informal reviews of maps and posting them in the news section.

Thanks to Sarges hard work, we have formalized our review process and started a new section, dedicated to our reviews of custom maps. If you look over on the left side, under Features, you will see a link to Map Reviews. This index will allow you to quickly find the ratings on specific maps and link to the actual review. We have a fairly good backlog of BF42 maps that we need to go through and update for the new requirements, but for now, look forward to a lot of BFV map reviews including our first official BFV review of Valley Assault. We are even considering reviewing FarCry maps, so keep an eye here for future updates.