Halo Hits The Big Screen

A while back, a buddy of mine use to host a Halo night at his house. We put together 2 projectors, a 60″ Big Screen and a few stand alone tvs through out the house to host Halo. It was a blast, but even with the projectors and big screen, it was still cramped.

Taking this idea to a new level is a movie theater in Utah, where they have linked 4 theaters together for a 4 man tournament of Halo. In addition, a bunch of 36″ tvs show the matches in the lobby, where paying spectators watch.

Our evening of Halo mayhem was a blast, but this sounds much cooler than craming a bunch of people into one house. Get the full scoop here. In the meantime, Ill be figuring out how to bring BFV to the big screen in a similiar fashion. 🙂

BFV WWII Mod Due out on Friday!

I am not sure how I missed this, but yesterday EA and Dice announced that their World War II Mod for Battlefield Vietnam would be coming out THIS FRIDAY (W00t!), August 20th, 2004!

EA GAMES | Battlefield Vietnam

From the EA Announcement:

Have you ever wondered what Wake Island or Iwo Jima would look and play like with real tropical foliage? Do you love Battlefield Vietnam but you want to be able to relive the classics without having to dig up your 1942 disks?

Continue reading BFV WWII Mod Due out on Friday!

ATI Releases Catalyst 4.8 Drivers

ATI released version 4.8 of their Catalyst Driver package today. This release introduces an interesting new feature called “Geometry Instancing” which, to quote their release notes:

“This new feature provides assistance when a game has to render many objects where the geometry is highly similar. Geometry Instancing allows the VPU to create multiple objects from a single geometric model, rather than passing an entire new model for each item on the screen. This increases the rendering speed of images such as leaves, or grass. “

Wonder if this will help with Battlefield Vietnam Framerates?

You can read the entire release notes here: 8.042 CATALYSTâ„¢ Release Notes

And download the driver set directly here: ATI Technologies Inc.

Inaugural Doom 3 Championship Winner

Atomm here, live from Quakecon 2004, where I just witnessed the final match of the Doom 3 Championships. This matched pitted Daler from Austin, Texas against none other than fatal1ty from Kansas City, Missouri. In an interesting twist of fate, fatal1ty came from the loosers bracket in this double elimination tournament. Even more interesting is the fact that it was Daler that put him there.

This looked to be a close match. In the end, Daler was no match for the skillz of fatal1ty, who beat him hands down, in both matches. Wish you could have been here. We will see you next year!

QuakeCon here we come!!!

Atomm, BlueGuy, Breaky, ephil and Goose are about to take the trek to QuakeCon 2004!

ephils wife was EXTREMLY kind enough to paint his Durango for the trip. These are night shots, so the day shots should come out a little better.

Be sure to check in with us on tons of pics, news and maybe a few videos of QuakeCon 2004!!!

Windows XP SP2

Microsoft XPs SP2 is just around the corner. The final version that will be release to the public is now available for OEMs and MSDN subscribers. Microsoft hasnt set a “hard date” of release on their website. They have released some instructions on how to set up Windows Update to automatically intall the service pack. It cant be long. Read more for details. Continue reading Windows XP SP2

Battlefield Vietnam Server File Update

Battlefield 1.1 Server File Update Release – An updated Battlefield 1.1 server file is now available for download from EA/DICE. This update addresses the conflict involving NVA Spawn Tunnels and XML Logging. If your server has been crashing with XML Logging turned on, this update should alleviate the issue.

To apply this update, simply extract the included file into the root folder of your server install (typically this is C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield Vietnam Server).

Download the Battlefield 1.1 Server File Update

The Sound Of Doom 3

MP3.com has a really cool interview with Chris Vrenna, formerly of NIN. If you didnt know, Chris is the mastermind behind the dark, eeriely cool music from Doom3.

In 1996, the inclusion of a soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails in the computer game Quake made it clear to anyone watching that entertainment categories had blurred and that gamings importance as a vehicle for music was just beginning. The blood-splattered world of Quake (like Doom before it) was key in the drive toward a personal cinematic experience–a Holy Grail to which many of the best video games aspire. A crucial element for a convincing, compelling experience is sound, and the era of the celebrity sound designer for games now overlaps neatly with the fame of celebrity producers.