BF42 Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night Returns! presents Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night for Battlefield 1942. We have been having fun with our BFV Custom Map Nights, but we miss playing BF42 custom maps. There have been some interesting maps put out lately for BF42 and we wanted to get the chance to play them. To round out the night, we are bringing back some of our personal favorites. This will be an event to remember. I guarantee you will have a blast, so mark your calendars for this Friday Night. The action starts around 7pm CST and goes into the early morning.

Here is your line up:

304 Fields of the Fallen – This is one of my all time favorite maps for BF42 by our own |GRB| LoU-Cipher. If you have never played it, you are really missing out.
GRB Ghost Front – BF42.coms first ever Map of the Week back in June. See the review at
DamBusters – This is great fun. Besides who can deny the joy of base jumping from a huge damn? 🙂
The Night of Nights – DDay from the Air. Non stop jumping fomr a plane. We expect this one to be non-stop action.
Midway 2k – Plane Jockeys Rejoice! This ones for you.
Corsica – Tough little island map with a nice design.
Ruhr Valley – Another dam map! 🙂 This time its broken and washed out the town below. Very nice design.

The custom installer is being put together now and should be available shortly. Keep it here or at for further details.

Teamspeak Server
Port: 8767

Game Server |GRB|
Port: 14567