Rockn The News – September 11, 2004

****** Perfect Circles New Album Tracks ******

IAYM reports: Details regarding the contents of A Perfect Circles upcoming new studio outing “eMOTIVe” have been unfurled, according to a recent article at The effort looks to consist of ten cover versions and two new songs, with the track listing shaping up as follows:
01. “Annihilation” (Crucifix cover) – 02. “Imagine” (John Lennon cover) – 03. “(Whats So Funny Bout) Peace And Understanding” (Nick Lowe cover) – 04. “Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums” – 05. “Whats Goin On” (Marvin Gaye cover) – 06. “When The Levee Breaks” (Memphis Minnie cover) – 07. “Freedom Of Choice” (Devo cover) – 08. “People Are People” (Depeche Mode cover) – 09. “Passive” – 10. “Gimme Gimme Gimme” (Black Flag cover) – 11. “Lets Have A War” (Fear cover) – 12. “Fiddle And The Drum” (Joni Mitchell cover) –

“eMOTIVe” is slated to land in stores on November 02nd through Virgin. The band will follow-up the work on November 16th with a double-disc DVD/CD package consisting of both a live DVD and a remix album, grouped together under the title “aMOTION”

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****** Lennon Unplugged ******

liveDaily reports: Capitol Records will issue the new album “John Lennon Acoustic” and a remixed, remastered version of Lennons 1975 set, “Rock n Roll,” on Nov. 2.

Seven of the 17 tracks on “Acoustic” are previously unreleased.

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****** Morbid Curiosity ******

press release reports: Top 20 Rock Deaths is a two hour documentary, hosted by Cradle Of Filth, and featuring the stories behind the lives and tragic demise of some of rocks legends, including Randy Rhoades, Layne Staley, Cliff Burton, Bon Scott, Bradley Nowell, Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone, Joes Strummer and Kurt Cobain. Features interviews with a selection of UK rock pundits, plus Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Incubus, The Offspring, Lostprophets, Good Charlotte and more.

The show airs on Scuzz in the UK (Sky Digital channel 471, ntl:home 934) on September 14, 16 and 18 at 10pm. [check out the full story link for more info]

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****** Limp Circle? ******

IAYM reports: According to a posting at Limp Bizkit guitar player Wes Borlands official website, Josh Freese of A Perfect Circle fame recently joined Borland in the studio to lay down some drum parts for his upcoming solo CD. [more]

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****** Next Deftones Kind of Rush Like ******

Blabbermouth reports: DEFTONES singer Chino Moreno has spoken to about the groups decision to embark on a month-long club tour prior to entering the studio to record their fifth studio album.

With regards to the musical direction of the new material, Moreno said, “The songs are kind of brainy. Theyre more RUSH than TOOL in a way,” he continued. “On our last record, we got kind of lazy by writing as few riffs as possible. This one were writing way more riffs. We have formats where we have to write the songs down and go over them and over them again.” [see full story for more]

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Huge Update on Upcoming Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 Patch

Ok, Now I am starting to get excited. In September, EA and DICE plan to release the 1.2 patch for Battlefield Vietnam with what at first look appears to be the some great content and features. Among other things this patch will offer:

3 New Maps including one with a true tunnel systems, one with a concrete sewer system, and another that features tanks as the main event. 9 New Armaments including the A1 Skyraider, quad .50 machine gun AA systems, and a CH-47 with a chaingun.

They have also implemented a feature in multiplayer that allows you to color code the people on your buddy list so that you can finally tell your buddies apart on the mini-map. This ought to help especially in organized play.

No word on fixes to any bugs in the game at this point.

To read the full update go here: EA GAMES | Battlefield Vietnam Update

Eve of Destruction Update

The EOD development team posted a small update on their site today complete with screenshots. It seems that they are currently beta testing their latest release candidate for the conversion of their mod to the BF: Vietnam game engine. If all goes well (and I think it will), they will be releasing it to the general public “soon”. This is good news for those of us who enjoyed the BF42 version of EOD.

For Screenshots and other information, check out their site here: Eve of Destruction

Rockn The News – September 7, 2004

****** Battle of the Ozzfest Bands ******

siNs metal news reports: Texas based A DOZEN FURIES have been the first band to publicly announce their involvement in the forthcoming MTV reality series Battle for Ozzfest, the band had this to say:

“We are more than pleased to announce that ADF has been selected to compete in MTVs “Battle for Ozzfest” reality series. Unfortunatly, thats just about all of the information we have at this point….

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****** Shizzle My Bizzle ******

PR Newswire reports: Documents filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on Thursday September 2, 2004, indicate that the members of the Group 213, including Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Nate Dogg, as well as, the record Label TeeVee Toons (TVT Records) have been sued for copyright infringement, in connection with the recently released album “213 The Hard Way.”

In the suit filed by MZZ, LLC, the company states that three tracks on the album infringe copyrights for works written by well known producer DJ Battlecat, whose work includes hits recorded by artists including Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Lucy Pearl, Brian McKnight, Xhibit, WC and Faith Evans.

Full Schizzle.

****** Surely, They Would Never Misled Us ******

E! reports: [Not music related but its a slow news day because of the holiday and this might interest some of you.]Sony Pictures is finally settling the score with moviegoers duped into watching duds on the advice of fake film critic David Manning.

E! Online has learned that the studio has agreed to put $1.5 million into a fund to settle a class-action suit brought by film patrons who claimed they went to see A Knights Tale after reading the fictitious Mannings glowing review that hailed Heath Ledger as that years “hottest new star!”

Omar Rezec of Los Angeles and Ann Belknap of Sierra Madre, California, filed the suit in June 2001 after it was revealed that two Sony Pictures execs had invented Manning in the hopes of injecting flopping films with a little box office magic.

Eonline has more.

****** Get Some Cash ******

New York Daily News reports: You can own a piece of the Man in Black. On Sept. 13, 2004, the one-year anniversary of the death of Johnny Cash, his estate will auction a few hundred of the items he left behind. The sale will also include items from the estate of Cashs wife, June Carter Cash.

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****** Dope is Dope ******

press release reports: Dope is scheduled to embark on the two-month “American Apathy” tour starting Oct. 11th 2004 right in Denver, CO alongside Adema, Motograter and Twisted Method

DOPE is putting the finishing touches on their new album American Apathy, scheduled for release in February 2005. The band will be hitting the road through the end of the year and playing many of the new songs live. A sample of a new Dope song, “No Way Out” is available online in an E-card promoting the bands upcoming tour with ADEMA, MOTOGRATER, AND TWISTED METHOD.

Check the Dope Army Website for more.

Rockn The News – September 6, 2004

****** Korns Greatest Hits And Then Some ******

IAYM reports: A limited edition version of KoRns upcoming “Greatest Hits Vol. 1” collection will see a release along with the standard disc on October 05th, when it hits stores through Immortal/Epic Records. This will feature a bonus DVD containing seven live songs captured at a concert held in New York Citys CBGBs venue earlier this year.

See full story for the tracklist.

******* Weiland Still An Asshole ******

Rockdirt reports: The People reports that Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland freaked out while at a CD signing at the Piccadilly Virgin Megastore on Friday (September 3) in London after seeing a sticker on the bands CD which said, “Featuring members of Guns N Roses,” but no mention of Weilands old band, Stone Temple Pilots. Weiland demanded the sticker be peeled off all stock

Get More Dirt.

****** Pulp Fiction 2 ******

I know this is not music news, but it was cool.

Herald Sun reports: QUENTIN Tarantino may make another episode of 1994s Pulp Fiction, according to John Travolta, who played hitman Vincent Vega.

“Every six months he calls me to talk about a project on the story of the Vega brothers — a type of prequel to Pulp Fiction. Then it all remains in his mind,” Travolta said.

As reported by the Herald Sun.

Rockn The News – September 3, 2004

****** Maggots Rejoice! ******

Blabbermouth reports: SLIPKNOT will be releasing their third DVD sometime next year, a representative for Roadrunner Records has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET. “The exact timing and content [of the DVD] has yet to be determined,” the representative said.


******* Anger United ******

The PRP reports: System Of A Downs Serj Tankian, former Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha and Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta are among those who collaborated on Saul Williams upcoming self-titled effort which will arrive in stores on September 21st.

Full Story Here.

****** More Talent In Sabbath, Than Just Ozzy ******

press release reports: When monumental musical talents collide, the result is magic. Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes offer proof in the form of the album The 1996 DEP Sessions set for release by Sanctuary Records on September 28, 2004. The album is being released under the banner Iommi With Glenn Hughes.

The 1996 DEP Sessions features eight electrifying songs recorded by these two legends. Iommi is the lead guitarist in Black Sabbath, the groundbreaking originators of pure heavy metal; he has led every lineup of the band. Iommi is one of the most influential and widely recognized guitarists in the history of rock music. Hughes was a member of Trapeze before achieving worldwide superstardom as the co-lead vocalist and bass guitarist in Deep Purple in the mid-1970s. He has enjoyed a prolific and diverse solo career. has more.

****** Remember Crues Other Singer? ******

Yesterday we printed a Blabbermouth story about the new band featuring members of Sevendust, Stereomud, Stuck Mojo and Tommy Lee. We were informed by an inside source that this line-up (minus the vocals) are also playing with former Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi on his new solo album. (Kick Ass! I actually met Corabi back in his Crue days. He was really cool and IMHO, a better singer than Vince. Im looking forward to his new album.)



Prepare for battle. LucasArts is excited to announce that the highly anticipated action/shooter, Star Wars Battlefront has officially GONE GOLD on PS2, Xbox and PC and is scheduled to blast its way onto store shelves on Tuesday, September 21, 2004 — day and date with the Star Wars Trilogy, which marks the first time all three classic films will be available on DVD.

Star Wars Battlefront is an intense open-ended single player and multiplayer action game set in the Star Wars universe that puts fans and gamers in the heat of the action as they re-live all of the epic battles from the classic and prequel eras. In the game, console and PC players can choose intense free-form multiplayer combat or a variety of robust single player modes including “Historical Campaigns” and “Galactic Conquest.”

Star Wars Battlefront is published by LucasArts and developed by Pandemic Studios. For more information, please visit the official product website at:

SETI Discovers Interesting Signal

SETI has discovered an interesting signal out in space. The signal has been detected 3 seperate times all together. In the last instance, the signal actually became stronger. Interestingly, the signal comes from a point in space with no visible Stars within 1000 Light Years of the signal. They are not declaring this to be Alien Life, but it is an interesting repeatable phenomenom.

Named SHGb02+14a, the signal has a frequency of about 1420 megahertz. This happens to be one of the main frequencies at which hydrogen, the most common element in the universe, readily absorbs and emits energy.

Some astronomers have argued that extraterrestrials trying to advertise their presence would be likely to transmit at this frequency, and SETI researchers conventionally scan this part of the radio spectrum.

Read the very interesting article at the New Scientist website.

Rockn The News – September 2, 2004

****** From the… Its more fun to pick on Canada Category ******

MuchMusic reports: Canadian rock might have more than its share of duds, but have you ever considered what the absolute worst Canadian songs of all time might be? Chart Magazine has done just that and come up with a list of twenty-five tracks of debatable levels of stinkiness. Rounding out the top five are Loverboy, with “Lovin Every Minute Of It”, Barenaked Ladies “One Week”, The Crash Test Dummies “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”, Alannah Myles “Black Velvet”, and at number one – that dated slice of alterna-funk, “Everyones A Winner” by Bootsauce.

Get the full scoop at the only cool Video Music station left after MTV cancelled MTV-X, MuchMusic website.

****** All the cool stoner kids are doing it ******

MTV reports: Slash is about to become a McFarlane figure. The Velvet Revolver/ former Guns N Roses guitarist will be featured with his top hat and leather jacket while playing guitar. “Its extremely flattering and humbling to be immortalized in plastic,” Slash said in a statement Wednesday (September 1). The Slash figure will be available at mass retailers in July.

****** Seven Crue? ******

Blabbermouth reports: Ex-VIRGOS MERLOT/VIRGOS guitarist/vocalist Brett Hestla has joined the as-yet-unnamed new band featuring former and current members of SEVENDUST, SKRAPE, Tommy Lees (MÖTLEY CRÜE) solo band and STEREOMUD. The groups lineup is as follows:

Brett Hestla: Vocals – Will Hunt (SKRAPE, TOMMY LEE): Drums – Corey Lowery (ex-STEREOMUD, STUCK MOJO): Bass – Troy McLawhorn (ex-DOUBLE DRIVE): Guitar – Clint Lowery (SEVENDUST): Guitar

Blabbermouth has more.

****** Mushroomheadless ******

Blabbermouth reports: MUSHROOMHEAD vocalist Jason Mann has left the band, a source close to the group has informed

MUSHROOMHEAD recently toured with INSANE CLOWN POSSE following a split with their record company, Universal Records (which issued the bands “XX” and “XIII” albums). Manns own record label, dubbed Fractured Transmitter Records, has just released the latest EP from MESHUGGAH, entitled “I”.

More Blabbermouth.

A chronology of every PC D&D computer game

I have been a big fan of D&D Computer Role Playing Games (CRPG) for quite a while. Going all the way back to 1988, when I played the first D&D game, Pool of Radiance. From there I progressed to the first MMORPGs, Neverwinter Nights on AOL and Dark Sun Online on the old Total Entertainment Network (T.E.N.), all the way through some of my favorite games of all time, Biowares incredible Baldurs Gate series. What really amazed me was the number of games that have been released for D&D over the years.

Check out the complete list by clicking Read more…. You might be surprised at how many there are. I bet you recognize a few and probably have even played a few. Continue reading A chronology of every PC D&D computer game