Rollins Rocks Shatner

MTV reports: Henry Rollins and Joe Jackson made surprise appearances during William Shatners performance Friday in Los Angeles. Shatner took the stage after Ben Folds 90-minute set and read spoken word over music provided by Folds, who produced the actors new album.

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Ozzy Vs Cowell reports: OZZY and Sharon Osbourne have launched a fierce attack on her fellow X Factor presenter Simon Cowell.

Sharon, who has accused Cowell of rigging the result of the hit ITV talent show, said: “Ozzy warned me at the beginning Youre not going to win.

“Even if I had The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, I still wouldnt f*****g win.”

Furious Ozzy, 55, said: Ill break his f*****g nose.

The row has been simmering since Cowell branded the Osbournes daughter Kelly “ugly and talentless”.

It boiled over after Sharon became convinced that she had been “stitched up” by Cowell on the X Factor. [see full story for more]

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Rockn The News – October 26, 2004

Van Halen Breaking Up

Melodic Rock reports: Rumors flared again last week after Hagar appeared on US radio station KSHE, stating in an interview that he thought the Van Halen re-union was fun, but it bought closure to that chapter. He went on to voice his unhappiness with the high ticket prices from the tour and how he wished some members of the band were into fan interaction as much as he was. It was implied that once the current dates were completed, Hagar would return to touring with The Waboritas and the future of VH would again be up in the air.

What really is going on? Whats next for Van Halen?

The reality is that at this point – no one knows. But I for one am not hopeful of anything continuing once this leg of the 2004 tour concludes.[see full story for a lot more]

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Clash Influences
Aversion reports: You could write all day about the thousands of bands that The Clash influenced, but now, you can take a glimpse at the bands that helped it form its sound on a compliation put together by the bands bassist.

Paul Simonon pulled together Revolution Rock: A Clash Of Reggae, Rock & RnB for Trojan Records in early 2005. The compilation includes not only songs that helped the band form its sound, but original versions of songs that the Last Angry Band covered. [see full story for tracklisting]

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Bad Religion Thesis
Aversion reports: If you like those big words in Bad Religion songs, youre going to mess yourself when you read singer Greg Graffins doctoral thesis.

The singer announced that hell publish his recently completed thesis which chronicles the conflict between the Church and science — particularly models of evolution. And while it sounds a lot like Dan Browns Angels and Demons without the assassination of cardinals and Roman treasure hunt, its supposed to be published before the Holidays, which is more than we can hope for with Robert Langdon. [see full story for more]

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FarCry 1.3 Patch Available!

UBISOFT has released the 1.3 patch for FarCry

Note: Save games from previous versions are not compatible with 1.3

Changes include:
– Fixed a crash with the ForkLift when loading some levels.
– Fixed a bug that prevented levels from loading after saving in a previous level.
– Returned surround 5.1 sound option to the menu.
– Fixed a mounted weapon traverse problem.
– Fixed problems related to shaders1.pak and scripts1.pak not being removed on installation of the patch.
– Fixed a delay relating to tagging enemies in binocular mode.
– Normal Map Compression.
– SM 3.0 and SM 2.0x are now enabled by default when graphics settings are set to ‘Very High’.
– Improved tangent-space calculation to improve bumpmap quality.
– Improved syncronization in multiplayer.
– Fixed bug in leaning with different player classes.
– Fixed an invisible wall exploit in mp_freighter.
– Please ensure you have your graphics cards latest drivers installed.

Download from:
3D Gamers (Patch and Linux dedicated server)
Jolt UK (Patch and Linux dedicated server)
FileShack (Patch 1.3)
Multiplay (Patch 1.3)
FileShack (Linux dedicated server)
Multiplay (Linux dedicated server)

K8T890 (PCI X16) chipsets getting recognition from big industry

VIA Announces Adoption of K8T890 chipset by World’s Leading Motherboard Manufacturers

Nvidia aims to take lead in K8 chipset market with nForce 4 MCP

For a full description of the new chipset:

Battlecraft 1.2

Battlecraft 1.2 is ready for download. Here are some of the changes they mentioned. It can be downloaded at

Version 1.2 Changelog
-Changed mouse-over routines in BCV to be more accurate
-Added tunnel code and tunnel properties dialog for BFV 1.2
-Added new object tab system
-Added graphical icons to entity tree
-Added new objects
-Tweaked Camera On Ground code to be more at player eye view to feel more like walking around the level
-Added code to generate in-game map for underground
-Many other various tweeks

Half-Life 2 to require Steam accounts had an interview with Doug Lombardi in reguards to Valve Softwares Half-Life 2. This interview asks many great questions that are on the minds of gamers waiting eagerly to jump into the action of Half-Life 2.

“Will the boxed versions of HL2 require any sort of Steam installations?

Doug Lombardi: During installation the user will be prompted to authenticate the copy and create a Steam account. After that is complete, the single-player and LAN games do not require an Internet connection.”

Looks like Valve is taking a good step towards hindering software piracy with this action.

Go check out the full review: Doug Lombardi of Valve Software.

EOD mod for BFV – Review of a Preview

A review of the EOD mod for Battlefield Vietnam has been posted at Hells Special Forces website. This is based on a press preview version of the mod that includes 4 maps, 3 of which inlude bot support. Here is his take on a couple of the maps:

Operation Hastings – I am sure everyone remembers this map from the BF42 version of EoD. The map, by design, is the same thing. Control points, bases, all in the same places as before. The difference in this map is the vegatation along the river beds. It also has a few new toys for the players to enjoy, one of which being the A1 Skyraider, which EoD had done a long while back, that was expected to be in the 42 version. The USA also get a different variant of the M113, an ACAV version which is decked out with 2 rear mounted M60 and a MG turret. The NVA will also get a new bird in the sky along with the new BTR60 model.”

Stream – I am sure this is a big fan favourite among many EoD players from the BF42 version. The EoD team has taken the original version and made it crazier, in a good way. There is so much vegatation in this map that a large army of enemy sodliers could creep up on you without detection. Choke points can easily be made using either sides booby-traps. If you enjoyed the battle which Stream on 42 gave you, you are going to want to marry the battles Stream will give you on EoD:V.”

The reviewer also makes note of the use of a Medivac Huey in the game which could be a useful addition in the right hands (not mine clearly). The huey has an interesting bit of eye candy with side doors that automatically close and open as you descend and ascend. Keeps you from shooting out, but also keeps folks from shooting in too. Pretty cool looking if I do say so myself.

Read the full preview review here: EOD Preview

Mission reports on all of the maps included with this release of the EOD Mod for BFV are here:
Eve of Destruction Missions Info

Still no word on a release date for the mod, but I must say this is looking pretty sweet. The only thing that has me more excited is the fact that the Red Sox are in the World Series. So Go Red Sox and come on EOD!

Fake RADEON 9600 PRO Graphics Cards Hit the Market

“Power Color” RADEON 9550 Selling as RADEON 9600 PRO
Graphics cards maker Tul Corp. may face denunciation from customers and distributors as at least some graphics cards with the Power Color brand-name made by the company use different graphics processors than they should. The company denied that the boards were made at Tul Corp.s factories, which may mean that a third-party company made a number of fake graphics cards under with Power Color brand-name on the boxes.

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Gamers of OSU present Frag Limit, NOV 20th Stillwater OK

The Gamers of Oklahoma State University present Frag Limit, Stillwaters premier lan, November 20th 10am-late. Frag Limit is held in the Bennett Hall cafeteria on OSU campus. Frag Limit features tournaments, give aways and plenty of lan gaming. Tournaments at this event include:

1v1 UT2k4 DM
3v3 UT2k4 CTF
3v3 Call of Duty Team DM
5v5 CS: Source
4v4 Halo 2 Team DM

BYOC Lan admission is $5 with pre-registration at our site and $6 dollars at the door. Halo 2 tournament fees are $20 per team. Tournament registration will be located on our site as well. Tournaments scheduling: TBA.

Prizes are as follows:

1v1 UT2k4 DM 1st Place = $15 cash
3v3 UT2k4 CTF 1st Place = $30 cash
3v3 CoD TDM 1st Place = $15 cash
5v5 CS: Source 1st Place = $25 cash
4v4 Halo 2 Team DM 1st place = %40 of all tournament entry fees
4v4 Halo 2 Team DM 2nd place = %25 of all tournament entry fees
4v4 Halo 2 Team DM 3rd place = %10 of all tournament entry fees

Other prizes will be determined at the event, door prizes will be raffled off as well. For other information regarding the event, such as updates, registration and maps check our website at For any questions mail

Rockn The News – October 19, 2004

Grand Theft Auto Soundtrack
The PRP reports: Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More, A.F.I.s cover of nine inch nails “Head Like A Hole” and more are set to show up on the over 150 song soundtrack to the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” videogame.

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Danzig Cantrell Team
Blabbermouth reports: Britains Metal Hammer magazine is reporting that Glenn Danzig (DANZIG, ex-MISFITS) is working on a concept album with ex-ALICE IN CHAINS axeman Jerry Cantrell. The record, which Danzig describes as “death blues,” will double up as the soundtrack to a movie adaptation of Danzigs Verotik comic. [see full story for more]

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Flaw Breakup?
Digital Noise reports: Recent rumors have surfaced suggesting that Flaw have broken up. There has been no official confirmation regarding these rumors.

The band had split with their label, Universal Records, in August following what they perceived as the lack of promotion behind their latest album, “Endangered Species”.

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Sixx Nixes Motley Reunion
Blabbermouth reports: MÖTLEY CRÃœE bassist Nikki Sixx has rejected widespread Internet reports that the band will be embarking on a reunion tour in early 2005. Writing to the “Diary” section of the bands official web site, Sixx said, “…All I know is all four of us havent been in the same room in six years. In the world of MÖTLEY, Id say, Dont hold your breath.[see full story for more]

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Soulfly Injury Kills Tour
IAYM reports: Soulflys plans to hit the road in November have been derailed as frontman Max Cavalera is suffering from a leg injury. [more]

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We Salute You Tour 2004
IAYM reports: Candiria are said to be joining Ill Nino, Drowning Pool, Flaw and 40 Below Summer on the “We Salute You Tour 2004”, which will commence on November 09th and extend through until November 26th. Dates and venues will be announced shortly. [see full story for more]

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Soft Cell Crash
Aversion reports: Soft Cell singer Marc Almond was hospitalized yesterday (Oct. 17) after suffering injuries in a motorcycle wreck.

Almond was the passenger on a motorcycle that collided with a car at an intersection. Almond hospitalized in critical but stable condition in Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. [see full story for more]

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NIN Change Plans
liveDaily reports: Nine Inch Nails brain trust Trent Reznor has canned the working title of the groups next album, previously known as “Bleedthrough,” and has given fans an idea of when to expect to see it in stores.

“Bleedthrough is no more,” Reznor wrote in a message posted at the groups website. “As the songs and concepts matured, the focus and theme of the album shifted somewhat–leaving me feeling that title was inappropriate. Or you could just say I changed my mind.

“Yes, the new album has a title and track list, and no Im not telling you what it is yet,” he continued.

The set will be finished and mixed before the end of this year, and a tentative March 2005 release is planned [see full story for more]

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