More Forgotten Hope Updates

The Forgotten Hope mod has released some more information on their upcoming update. Among other things, they have added the M4A1 Sherman (75mm cannon) in British (shown below) and American colors, as well as the M4A1 that was upgraded with a 76mm cannon to make it a larger threat to the heavier German armor. They have also done some work on the “Battle of Foy” map including adding a snow effect.

you can read all about it at the Forgotten Hope website

Gamers Radio Presents Forgotten Hope Tank Training!

Ever wonder how they do it? You know, the guys who seem to wield a tank like an iron fist. You got them out numbered, but they manage to take you out like a can of sardines under a sledge hammer. Well, here is your chance to get even. We have a top notch Forgotten Hope player ready to teach you all he can about the various tanks in Forgotten Hope and how to use them properly. He lives and breaths this stuff. I cant say for sure, but Id be willing to bet he has full size replicas of these bad boys in his backyard. 🙂

Join us in TeamSpeak and on our server for evening of fun, mayhem and maybe you will learn a thing or three.

Here are the details:

Friday Febuary 4th 10pm EST

Server: |GRB|

TeamSpeak: (all training will be done here) or