Sabbath & BLS Tour

Blabbermouth reports: BLACK SABATH and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will be teaming up for a bunch of post-Ozzfest U.S. dates in the fall, BLS mainman Zakk Wylde revealed during an interview with Eddie Trunk of VH1 Classic.

BLACK SABATH and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will both be performing on the main stage at this years Ozzfest.


The PRP reports: System Of A Down have been confirmed as the musical guest on May 07ths episode of “Saturday Night Live”. The band will perform their tracks “B.Y.O.B.” and “Chop Suey”. Johnny Knoxville will be hosting the program.

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Mage Con Spring II.. April 22-24

Mage Con Spring is coming up April 22-24th. As usual well have a LAN held over the course of the 3-day event. This year, Corsair, Nvidia, and Bawls are helping to sponsor the event with a few local vendors Advanced Computers and EZ-Drop as well. Website gives a rough idea wha tis currently planned. As this is the first year of pursuing sponsorship and being that games have hit a tech gap for some players with games, only a select games are certain but there is plenty of open options pending having the machines to run such games. The Forgotten Hope Tournament & Warcraft III tournaments will be the main events. There will be at least three types of FH Tournaments that are under discussion now. Prizes for FH will be from the materials sent by the sponsors with the main prizes being choice of a Corgi Die-case model.

We have 10 availible to give away.
5 Axis; 2 Tiger 1s (diff model each), 1 Panther, 1 BF-109, and 1 FW-190.
5 Allied; 1 Cromwell, 1 Churchill, 1 Sherman, 1 Spitfire, 1 Mustang

The idea being during one tourney, the top 3 finishers will get one of the Tanks. 1st place getting 1st choice.. 2nd getting next..and then 3rd..

There will also be an “Aces” Tourney.. where the top 2 finishers of either side will follow the same with the planes.. were currently looking into getting possibly 2 more planes to even it out..

And Overall tournament will be held in a game TBA.. possibly FH.. that we will give away Corsair 1 Gig 512×2 PC3200XL with programmable LED Display. This is the same RAM my machine currently runs with.. minus the LED.. and its matched pair runs flawlessly.. Im also forfeiting my eligibility to win this prize no matter what tournament its held in for fairness, as this was provided thanks to Corsair.

There are also Case badges for Nvidia and Corsair, various stickers, Hats from Corsair, Shirts from Nvidia, 4 posters from Nvidia, Pens and keychains from Corsair. Local vendors are also donating items but as to what they are we dont know at this time.

The all-weekend pass is 25 at the door, 20 if you pre-reg, daily passes are also availible as listed on the website. There will also be a one-time fee for the tourneys involving the larger prizes, the manager is deciding what would be fair in those regards as of now. However there will be plenty of Open Gaming going on, and anyone can play and take part in many of the events going on. Questions, Suggestions Comments I can be reached via PM.

— Everclear

Looking For Battlefield 2 Maps?

The release of Battlefield 2 is just around the corner. While surfing around, I stumbled across the names a bunch of Battlefield 2 maps. I do not know for sure if these will be in the final release, but they were used in testing.

Daqing Oilfields
Dalian Plant
Dragon Valley
Fushe Pass
Gulf of Oman
Kubra Dam
Mashtuur City
Operation Clean Sweep
Sharqi Peninsula
Songhua Stalemate
Strike at Karkand
Zatar Wetlands

Battlefield Mod Status for Battlefield 2

Its no secret that we at Gamers Radio are huge Battlefield fans. Beyond that, we are big fans of all the mods available for Battlefield. Even after playing the game since the beginning, we always find something new to amaze us because of all the great mods available for Battlefield 42 and Battlefield Vietnam. They have provided us hours well beyond our original investment in the game and for that we are grateful.

With the upcoming release of Battlefield 2, we are looking to the mod community to extend the playability of what we hope will be a great game. Without the support of the mod community, it would be just another game, but through the hard work of these selfless guys, gamers like us get to have more fun than the original developers intended.

So, the question that was on our minds was what great BF42/BFV mods are moving their project to BF2 when its released? We emailed a bunch of mods and probably missed more than we wanted, but these guys took the time to answer our questions and provide us a hint at what to expect in the future. We hope you enjoy these mini-interviews.

— Atomm and Sarge