Great News For SciFi Fans

The Dead Zone returns to USA Network on June 12, paired with new episodes of The 4400, TV Guide Online reported.

Other than the strange schedule the Deadzone keeps, it is a great show. Paired with the 4400, another awesome SciFi show, this will be a great 2 hours of television.

Fans of the Daywalking Vampire will be happy to hear this….

Spike TV says it has ordered a two-hour movie that will act as a pilot for a series based on the Blade movies, with a premiere targeted for early next year, Zap2It reported.

In more interesting SciFi news….

Star Trek: Enterprise producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman told SCI FI Wire that they understood the recent disparaging comments made by cast members about the final episode, but stood by their execution of the series finale.

I would just like to point out the use of the words execution of the series…. His words, not mine…. Funny how accurate they really are… Thanks for “executing” what could have been a great Star Trek series….

See Mom, my days playing Nintendo werent wasted :)

Put on your thinking caps for this one as it requires a bit of brain power. It seems as though IQ tests scores have been steadily rising during the last several decades in every industrialized country on earth. Are people getting smarter? Is our education system improved? Do kids study more? No! One researcher believes that life, and video games in particular, better prepares us for IQ tests now:

“Over the last 50 years, weve had to cope with an explosion of media, technologies, and interfaces, from the TV clicker to the World Wide Web. And every new form of visual media – interactive visual media in particular – poses an implicit challenge to our brains: We have to work through the logic of the new interface, follow clues, sense relationships. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these are the very skills that the Ravens tests measure – you survey a field of visual icons and look for unusual patterns.”

“The best example of brain-boosting media may be videogames. Mastering visual puzzles is the whole point of the exercise – whether its the spatial geometry of Tetris, the engineering riddles of Myst, or the urban mapping of Grand Theft Auto.”

You can read the entire (and very interesting) article in Issue 13.05 of Wired

Link found via BoingBoing as usual 🙂

Adobe to aquire Macromedia

Its been rumored that Adobe had interest in acquiring Macromedia for quite a while now. Looks like the reality is now.

The webmaster where I work, asked this question:

"I wonder what tools well be working with 5 years from now? Probably not much different. But, Macromedia has always held up the other side of the scale from Adobe. Where Adobe had shortcomings, Macromedia filled the void.

I suppose Adobe is the Microsoft of the multimedia world."

To read the full story from Adobes mouth here.

Life on an Alien Planet Discovered

File this under cool things on TV that should keep you away from the computer for at least 2 hours. The Discovery Channel is going to have a show called Alien Planet. The premise is what if we were the ones to discover an alien planet, instead of aliens finding us. I know you are probably thinking little green men, but they look at it from a realistic approach.

What if we find another planet with life. What would that life be like? With real scientists, including the world famous Stephen Hawkings, taking a serious look at we could find out there, this is a must see show for SciFi fans or even Space Fans.

Watch the coolest footage here.

May 18th, 8PM ET/PT – Dont forget to set the Tivo.
Discovery and Discovery HD (Its almost enough to make me get HD for one show)