BF2 Demo Is Out!

Good luck getting in….

If you have linux and know how to use wget, use this url.

I tried it via firefox and I get a no such directory found error. I tried going direct to the FTP and I cant see the file, but I am grabbing it direct to our game server via wget. Good Luck!

Its official. The Battlefield 2 Demo is right around the corner and you can get it here. Heres the rough details from the field….

When the Battlefield 2 demo is released, it will make its world premiere on GameSpot, and will be initially available not only to GameSpot registered users, but also to unregistered visitors as well.

The demo will feature three variations of the Gulf of Oman map…. There will be a time limit for each game.

Somewhat Random Music Thought of the Day

Walking down the street today I saw that the band “Skamasutra” was going to be playing in my community at some point this summer.

Dont get me wrong, I really enjoy ska music most of the time, but is it some unwritten rule that all ska bands must at least consider having a name with the word “ska” in it somehow?

Why hasnt this trend carried over to other musical forms? Why arent country bands required to have the word “redneck” somewhere in it? or maybe just “red” or “cow” to make it simple for them. Emo bands and bands that have names that sound like novels would have to include the word “whine”, and all of these new bands that sound like they stepped right out of the seventies could include the word “crap”

Just think of how much easier it would be to identify a bands sound without hearing them at all. I would know right away that I didnt really want to hear “Whiny Day Real Estate” or “Alabama Rednecks” or “The Flaming Crap”.

Just a thought that occurred to me this afternoon.

If you found this internal discussion particularly moving (and I know you did), feel free to jump into the forums and leave some witty comments in the Random Music Thought thread.

DICE Ejects Trauma Studios

Cant say that I understand what I am reading here, but DICE has closed their New York office (a.k.a. Trauma Studios – the creators of the DC mod for Battlefield 1942).

DICE Press Release:

Digital Illusions discontinues its operations in New York
Digital Illusions CE AB (publ) 2005-06-07
Digital Illusions have decided to discontinue the New York office, Trauma Studios. All of the twelve employees are offered employment at the head office in Stockholm.

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Latest Music Update

Here is a small update to the radio station. This time around, we bring new Mudvayne, Nine Inch Nails, Static-X along with a few lesser known bands and some great older stuff from Danzig.

Special thanks to Warner Bros Records for sending us the following songs:
Bloodsimple – Sell Me Out
Bloodsimple – The Leaving Song
Static X – Im The One (I love this song!)

Special thanks to Aardvark Records for sending us the following song:
The Code – Frustration

Clutch – Profits of Doom
Clutch – Regulator
Damageplan – Pride
Danzig – Mother
Ghost In The Machine – Lies
Mudvayne – All That You Are
Mudvayne – Forget To Remember
Mudvayne – Happy
Nine Inch Nails – Getting Smaller
Nine Inch Nails – Hurt
Nine Inch Nails – Sunspots
Soil – Pride
Static X – Black And White
Still Remains – White Walls
Wednesday 13 – Rot For Me
Porno Queen – Thirst For Sin Remix (Get Your Free Porn Right Here! Hehehe)

Custom Objects for Battlefield Custom Maps

Saw this on Planet Battlefield this morning….

A person named “Smig” has a number of custom made ojects and strutures for anyone doing mapping in the Battlefield Series, including Battlefield 2. All he asks is that you give credit to him if you use any of them in a map. Sounds like a good deal to me as these look to be impressively done.

See for yourself here

Interesting Top 10 Computer Games

The NPD Group has released their latest PC software report.

The table shows the top 10 selling PC games for the week of May 15 – May 21, 2005.

1. Guild Wars—NCsoft
2. The Sims 2: University—Electronic Arts
3. World Of Warcraft—VU Games
4. The Sims 2—Electronic Arts
5. Empire Earth 2—VU Games
6. Lego Star Wars—Eidos
7. Stronghold 2—2K Games
8. The Sims Deluxe—Electronic Arts
9. Half-Life 2—VU Games
10. DOOM 3—Activision

Guild Wars is the MMORPG that doesnt have a monthly fee. I wonder if it will continue to do so well… I am really suprised Doom 3 is still in the top 10, but I look for the release of BF2 to push it out of the list.

BF2 Community Update from EA & Rant from Sarge

A community update came out yesterday discussing the ranked vs. unranked server “issue” that has been being debated by the community for some time.

This is part of what was said about the “Ranked Servers”

“Ranked servers will be where the hardcore bump heads and clash knives. All Ranked Servers will be configured to provide the definitive competitive Battlefield experience.”

“Ranked servers will be heavily administrated and have Punkbuster on. The integrity of the stats system is of paramount importance to EA (and of course to those participating in it) and so we will be monitoring things constantly. At the end of the day, Ranked servers will be a safe, regulated environment on which the most competitive players will be spending their time. If this environment doesn’t sound right for you, that’s great. That’s what Unranked servers are for.”

This is what EA had to say about unranked servers and where the article gets interesting:

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