Ozzfest 2006 Rumors and Musings

From Blabbermouth.net:

Jesse Hayes of the Cleveland radio station WMMS 100.7 FM announced on Tuesday, January 31 during his daily “Buzzard Rock Report” segment that BODY COUNT — the heavy metal band fronted by rapper/actor Ice T — will be performing at this years Ozzfest.

Further down in this article, it states Disturbed has also been confirmed. This is not accurate accourding to this article:

KNAC.COM: Word on the Internet is that DISTURBED has been confirmed for Ozzfest — is this true?

Draiman: “We can neither confirm nor deny such information.”

Body Count Article

Disturbed Article

Battlefield 2 Statistics Program Released

Battlefield 2 Statistics program was released today. This promises to extend the BF2 ranking system to unranked servers, and LANS and customize it. The main features are:

* Your Own Private Ranked Server wich is capable to produce:
In-game awards, ranks and unlocks and Stats to appear in BFHQ.

* Your Own database hosted on your server, and fully in your control.

* Your Own WebStats System installed locally, to view and compare
your stats with other clan members or players.

* Centralized Database – to see and compare your stats against other

* You control ranks, score and other in-game ranking parameters.

In other words we are giving you the opportunity to install a Ranking System
where ever you want it : clan server, lan parties and public Servers.

This is a truly cool idea. One of the things that I miss from Battlefield 1942 was having server specific stats and rankings. I loved checking in to this site every day after pwning Atomm, ephil, Racer and Tuna and having the numbers there for all to see (evil laugh).

Desert Conflict CTF .2 Released

The Desert Conflict Mod Team has released the .2 version of their CTF mini-mod. The first release was excellent, and while I havent played the new version yet, I am looking forward to finding some populated servers.

Head on over to the Desert Conflict site and grab the download off of one of the mirrors listed.

If you have the .1 version of the mod installed you should delete that one prior to installing the new version.

Electronic Arts Cuts 5% Of Worldwide Staff

This is how a big game company does business….

From Gamasutra.

According to online reports confirmed by an official statement made to consumer site GameSpot, Electronic Arts has laid off around 5 percent of its staff worldwide, following a cautionary conference call in mid-December regarding the slowing video game market.

Although the EA spokesperson did not specifically reference affected studios, its believed that the EA Redwood Shores, EA Tiburon, and EA Vancouver studios were all affected notably by the layoffs…