February 25th, 2007

It’s Sunday February 25th, 2007. Now, some may call it lazy to just take the squid from last week’s article and Photoshop in something blatantly obvious, but I’ll have you know it was the result of intense debate and scrutiny over here. Well… it was the result of my girlfriend and I sitting on the couch and watching TV. That’s sort of the same thing.

The people must have something good to read on a Sunday

Rise Against has lost yet another guitarist as Chris Chasse has left the popular Chicago punk band. Replacing him is Zach Blair of Only Crime. So Rage Against The Machine‘s one-off reunion is set to last a little bit longer, as the group is set to play three shows with Wu-Tang Clan. Speaking of reunions, albeit little bit lower profile reunions, Inquisition has added a second show. We had a report from the road that Reggie and the Full Effect‘s James DeWees is performing with pop stars My Chemical Romance on their current tour. All these tours better be careful at the 49th, as the Canada-US border is posing more trouble for bands on the road.

On the subject of tours, we’ve got dates for NOFX‘s April Asian tour and even more Warped Tour confirmations. Look for bands like Flogging Molly, the Briefs and Hawthorne Heights this year. One show that’s got everyone buzzing is an upcoming Naked Raygun gig with Dillinger Four and the Bollweevils. On the media front this week brought a Fall Out Boy remix by Kanye West, a new Against Me! track debuted via a live video, and news of an upcoming Pulley DVD

We brought you a couple of new streams this week, including the new full length from Smoke Or Fire and the split between Boston ska act Big D & The Kids Table and Beijing punks Brain Failure. Our MP3 Of The Week featured music from Chicago’s the Ponys and inblackandwhite.

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Don’t Break Anything Fest 8 details

Parkersburg, WV is playing host to the upcoming 8th installment of the Don’t Break Anything Fest on April 20th. The festivities will take place at the Parkersburg American Legion Hall and will feature local acts like Love & Squalor, Its Birds, Holden Caulfield and more alongside touring acts like Lemuria, Delay and Some Kind of Sleeping Giant.
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Plague Bringer signs with Hewhocorrupts Inc

Hewhocorrupts, Inc has officially added Chicago, IL’s Plague Bringer to its roster. The band is described as: “an ever-changing metal duo whose mission to bridge the gap between TOOL and NAPALM DEATH is as prevalent as its necessity to puncture and pulvarize headbangers across vast musical spectrums.”

An upcoming release, titled Life Songs in a Land of Death, is currently in the works and is scheduled for a Summer 2007 release via Hewhocorrupts, Inc.

You can find more information and listen to some music at the band’s MySpace page.
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By A Thread to release new record

Vancouver’s By A Thread have announced plans to release their long-awaited second full length this summer. The band issued their last album, The Last of the Daydreams, in 1999.

The album was produced by Theo and Tom from the punk rock outfit Gob. A title as well as a final release date are expected shortly.

Some music is available on the band’s myspace page.
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