First year of filming wraps on “The Last Pogo” follow up

Filmmaker Colin Brunton has written in with an progress report on his upcoming follow up to legendary Canadian punk documentary short The Last Pogo. The original half hour film was recorded in Toronto in 1978 at the Horseshoe Tavern. It captured what was billed as the last punk show in Toronto, featuring first wave Canuck punk bands such as Teenage Head, the Viletones, the Ugly, the Cardboard Brains, the Secrets, the Scenics and the Mods. The new film, dubbed The Last Pogo Jumps Again, Chacha Cha Cha! plans to track down everyone involved in the original show. Brunton commented:

we’ve just finished our first year of shooting. We’ve got about 75 hours of material, and we’re going to shoot for one more year before releasing the massive documentary in December, 2008.

The hugely ambitious goal is to track down, tag and bag all 500 people that were there than night: the bands, the brawlers (it ended in a riot), the police, the fire department, and various hangers-on. And we’re talking to people who played a lot in Toronto back in the day (hopefully, soon, a chat with Cheetah Chrome). There’s about five directors involved, and we’re shooting it — so far — on a nifty little Panasonic DVC camera, but we’re open to other directors and other formats.

Right now we’re looking for potential directors/camera operators in New York City and Philadelphia and Los Angeles and some town in Italy and Vancouver — there’s people in them there cities we need to talk to. There’s no money of course, and your reward shall be in Heaven, but it’s kinda fun and kinda interesting, and hey — if you ever wanted to get started as a director, y’know, here’s your chance. Big deal, but you’d get a credit as a director, and you can point your Mom and Dad to the IMDB and see your credit, and…y’know…stuff like that.

Further progress reports on the film and contact info can be found
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The popular social music site has been purchased by CBS for $280 million. The site which allows users to log their music listening habits and find music has 15 million users, including many of you..

According to the BBC report, the company will continue to be run independently so day-to-day operations and features shouldn’t be affected too dramatically. The news is also interesting because it represents one of the few significant social networking success stories for a company located outside of the United States.
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Jimmy Eat World completes album

Jimmy Eat World has completed work on their sixth studio album and follow up to 2004’s Futures and 2005’s Stay on My Side Tonight EP.

Frontman Jim Adkins explained:

Done. I declare our album recorded. Next up mixing. We have spent the last few days in la tweaking on some 11th hour changes to the album. Some whip-cracks, explosions, bells, glocks and the occasional reverse cymbal. Wouldn’t be cliche if it didn’t work, right? Seriously. I feel great about this. At this point in the record making process I always get this deep feeling of excitement. As if I am the only one who knows a cool secret. I can’t wait to show you guys what we have been doing for the last year. We have learned a lot making this album and hopefully, we will not take so long between records again.

We need some B-sides… Anyone have a good suggestion for a cover song? Post on our message board!

This album is being produced by Butch Vig (Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Against Me!)
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The Fall of Troy look ahead to “Phantoms on the Horizon”

The Fall Of Troy were recently interviewed and shed some light on their follow up to the recently released Manipulator. The band says the next record will be titled Phantoms on the Horizon and may again be produced by Matt Bayles. In the Music Emissions interview drummer Andrew Forsman indicated that Bayles may be more involved in the songwriting on the next album as well. The record will stem from the Ghostship Demos, which the band plans to re-record with a few more songs.
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Japan’s Ellegarden plans US release

Japan’s Ellegarden has announced a US release for their latest record, Eleven Fire Crackers. The disc is due out July 31, 2007. It was already released elsewhere and reviewed here on You can check out that review here: Eleven Fire Crackers.

Since their last full length, the band has provided support for a number of band including Allister, The Foo Fighters, Sum 41 and others.

You probably won’t be surprised to find that some music from the album is available on their myspace page .
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The Recession, Anxious Arms, The Wading Girl

Omaha, Nebraska’s The Recession has signed with Blood & Ink Records. Their debut full length Time, Arithmetic & Other Elementary Subjects Not Well Learned will be available in August and samples of the band’s music can be heard via MySpace.

Long Island NY’s Anxious Arms have announced summer tour dates in the US midwest and east coast, following which they’ll hit the studio to record their debut full length and follow up to 2006’s Vs The Volcano. You can preview songs and check out the dates via MySpace.

The Wading Girl has added three new songs from their new self-recorded EP The Miriam Demos via myspace. The Roanoke, VA based band will be opening for Tim Barry on his upcoming tour and playing as his backing band.
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