Deep Elm signs Dartz!

Deep Elm has announced that they will be released This Is My Ship from Dartz!. The record was the Teesside, UK trio’s critically-acclaimed debut full-length was released by X-tra Mile Recordings Ltd. earlier this year.

You can check out a video from the album here or drop by the myspace page for the streams.

The album has drawn comparisons to bands like Q and not U and earned rave reviews from UK press including NME, Rock Sound, Kerrang! and Metal Hammer.
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Tours: Joe Jack Talcum (ex-Dead Milkmen)

Joe Jack Talcum, of Dead Milkmen fame. has just announced a short tour set to kick off in mid-June. An edited list of projects that Joe has been involved in over the years (besides the Milkmen) would look something like this: Ornamental Wigwam, Touch Me Zoo, Jiffy Squid, We’re Not From Idaho, Sock, The Town Managers, The Big Mess Orchestra, Butterfly Joe (the band), Consumer 925 and The Headaches. Currently, he plays in The Low Budgets and The Cheesies, while also continuing to record and perform solo.

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Big Rig (Operation Ivy, Common Rider) Re-issue

It has been announced that 1-2-3-4! Go Records will be re-issuing the now out of print Expansive Heart CDEP/7″ by the band Big Rig. Big Rig was a short lived punk band in the early 90s which featured Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy and Common Rider. The release became out of print during the downfall of the legendary Lookout! Records back in 2005. No release date has been announced yet, but it will be released within the coming months.
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Turbonegro plans “Retox” for June

Turbonegro has announced release details and posted a new video for their upcoming record. The record is titled Retox and is due out June 13, 2007. It is the follow-up to Party Animals which was released in 2005.

The first video from the album, “Do You Dig Destruction,” can be found here. You can also check out a new MP3 from the album here: “We’re Gonna Drop the Atom Bomb.

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The Strokes produce new video with Warren Fu of Lucasfilm

Though the band’s last album, First Impressions of Earth, was released nearly a year ago, the Strokes have produced a second video for the third single from their album.

Why reshoot the video? Because the band was able to enlist the skill of LucasFilm visual effects director Warren Fu, who contributed to the Star Wars prequels, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Pirates of the Caribbean.

You can check out the video via IMeem.
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More details on Alkaline Trio “Goddamnit” reissue

Drummer Derek Grant has revealed some more details about the long awaited reissue of Alkaline Trio‘s beloved album, Goddamnit:

The album is being remixed/remastered by Matt Allison, who engineered the album back in 1998. The remix is being done with the utmost respect for the existing version of the album, there will be no overdubs or additional production done. We just listened to some of the tracks and it sounds great.

We found the master tapes from the 1996 demo – all four songs will be remastered and included as bonus tracks.

The CD will be packaged with a DVD. This will include a 90 minute documentary on the origins of the band through the recording of Goddamnit. New interviews with all the major players are included; Matt, Dan, Glenn Porter, Heather Hannoura, Mike Park, Matt Allison, etc. archival footage and pictures of the band are interspersed to help tell the story. Two entire live video performances of the album are included – one from 1998 and one from last year’s Occult Roots tour. With the addition of several other bonus features this should bring the total running time to around two and a half hours.

Finally, the album art will be cleaned up and expanded by artist John Yates. It will include additional photos from the band’s private collection, as well as additional liner notes/nostalgia.

No release date has been set, though we are confident it will be released well before the end of the year.

Word of the reissue first began to trickle out last April and the band embarked on a headlining tour in which they frequently performed the entirety of the record.
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