Contests: Sonic Muse Fest (Ted Leo, The Hold Steady, Matt and Kim)

We’ve got another last-minute show contest for you. This one comes from our buddies at The Mad Hatter Club in Covington, KY. This Sunday, August 5th, the venue will host the Sonic Muse Fest featuring Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Hold Steady, Matt and Kim, and more. We’re giving two winners two passes each, plus one limited edition show poster per winner, which you can check out here.

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AFI, Weezer, Beastie Boys, Slayer, QOTSA, Dragonforce on Guitar Hero III

More tracks have been announced for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, the second sequel in the wildly successful Guitar Hero series. The game is due out before March 2008 and is set to include artists like AFI, Weezer, Beastie Boys, Slayer, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dragonforce, The Strokes, Muse, Tenancious D, Smashing Pumpkins and Iron Maiden.

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Tours: Between the Buried and Me / The Red Chord / Cephalic Carnage / The End

Between the Buried and Me is set to embark on a week-long tour with the Red Chord, Cephalic Carnage and the End in tow.

All the bands will be supporting 2007 full-lengths. BTBAM has their new album, Colors, due out September 18th via Victory (following up on last year’s all-covers album, The Anatomy Of and 2005’s acclaimed Alaska), while the Red Chord recently released Prey for Eyes, Cephalic Carnage with Xenosapien and the End with Elementary.
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New Gaslight Anthem to be released later this year

Gaslight Anthem has posted some details about their upcoming release and follow up to the critically acclaimed, Sink or Swim.

Today we just finished all the tracks and vocals for our new four song EP to be Released this winter on Sabot Productions, tomorrow we go finish all the “icing” meaning, back up vocals, crew vocals, party noises, Fender Rhodes, etc…basicly, we’re going to put the awesome into it.

Be on the lookout for a release date from [Sabot]. It should be out later this year, yup, this year… that’s two records, one year… to the limit, to the limit the Cheech is to the limit.

The band is also promising more dates on the recently announced tour with Dead to Me and The Draft.
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Lyman apologizes to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

A week after his criticisms of Ozzfest were published in the Kansas City Star, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman has apologized to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne via a letter:

I wanted to apologize if any of my comments quoted in The Kansas City Star were taken out of context or based on misinformation I was given. It was not my intent to discredit Ozzy or your family in any way. If Ozzy is in fact working for expenses only, then I was wrong in saying he was out for one more paycheck.

I’ll be the first to say I should not bother myself with other tours and keep my nose in my own projects as they have been keeping me busy enough as it is. For that, I’m sorry. […] I’ve always been a supporter of Ozzfest and the work you do and hope that this summer’s tour brings you and Ozzy great success.

In his original comments, he argued that the “free” Ozzfest “allowed Ozzy Osbourne to get one more paycheck” and described the entire proceedings as “a ploy, straight-up.”
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Jena/Berlin: ‘Quo Vadimus’

Jena Berlin have launched a full album stream of their upcoming sophomore full length. The record is titled Quo Vadimus and is due out August 14, 2007. It is the follow-up to Passion Waits as the Program Keeps Going which was released in 2005.

Besides being a cool little latin phrase, the name of the album also references a great show which was cancelled because none of you watched it. I will provide five magic, virtual points to anyone (other than Scott and Adam) who can name the show.

You can check out the stream here.

Some more tour dates have been booked as well.
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Sum 41 talks about Dave Baksh’s departure

More than a year after Dave Baksh’s departure, the remaining members of Sum 41 have addressed the the circumstances surrounding his leaving the band he helped form.

In a recent interview, frontman Deryck Whibley addressed the issue, saying:

The reality is, it didn’t change anything creatively when Dave left. The first thing I want to say is that I did not want him to leave. I wish he was still in the band, but it was his choice. He quit. He didn’t want to do [Sum 41].

He quit because he didn’t want to keep playing our type of music. I knew that. We knew that before he quit. He had issues with our band back in 2001. We thought he was gonna quit back then. That was always in the back of my mind. ‘Is Dave gonna like this? Is Dave gonna wanna play this?’

Even with the last record, his enthusiasm was so low that it brought us all down. It was a negative vibe in the studio. The fact that it wasn’t there made it really easy. The best case scenario was that Dave would have been as excited as us, and been into it as much as us. I would have loved that, but that’s not reality.

The band released Underclass Hero, their first record without Dave, last week.
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Tours: Sick of It All (Europe)

Legendary hardcore act Sick of It All have announced more tour dates beginning at the end of next month. The band is supporting two releases, the first was their Abacus-released studio full length, Death to Tyrants. The second was the recent all-star tribute to the band, Our Impact Will Be Felt: A Tribute to Sick of It All.

The band has begun writing new material for an as-yet-untitled release due in the Spring of 2008. The record will likely appear on Century Media which recently absorbed Abacus and most of the label’s bands.

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