The Fully Down: “Feel Alive”

the Fully Down have posted more new demos featuring Justin Camarena as their new vocalist. The Detroit, MI native replaces singer Gab Bouchard, who moved on from the band for personal reasons. The band also recently parted ways with Fearless Records.

You can check out “Feel Alive” on their myspace page.

The band released Don’t Get Lost in a Moment in 2005 via Fearless Records.
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Attack In Black on MTV Live today (Canada)

Welland’s Attack in Black will perform today on MTV Canada’s MTV Live show. They’ll appear on air at 6:00 PM EST. If you’re in the Toronto area you can take part by visiting the studio at 888 Yonge St.

The band is supporting their recent Dine Alone released full length Marriage. As previously announced the band wil tour western Canada later this month with Built To Spill.
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Paul Wedgwood Interviewed on ClanBase

The folks at ClanBase had the chance to sit down and have a chat with Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars lead designer Paul ‘Locki’ Wedgwood. Topics covered include ETQW’s chances of becoming a major e-sports games, rebalancing the game for competition play, post-release support, anti-cheating measures, and more. They top it all off with a chance for you to win one of two copies of the Limited Collector’s Edition of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, so surf on over there and give it a read.

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New Pennywise album out in early 2008

In a recent interview at the Warped Tour, Fletcher, guitarist of long-running Epitaph act Pennywise gave a brief update on plans for a new full length from the band.

According to Fletcher, the band has approximately 60 new songs and will spend the fall “arguing” over which thirteen to include on a new album. Though the plans are tentative right now, they hope to release a new record in early 2008.

A 2008 release is slightly longer than the band’s usual pattern which has been to release a new album every two years, going back to 1995. The band’s previous record, The Fuse, was released in 2005.
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Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music Live performed by Zeitkratzer to see release

Lou Reed Legendary music innovator Lou Reed has announced the release of a new live interpretation of his classic experimental album, Metal Machine Music. Titled Metal Machine Music Live, the album was recorded live at MaerzMusik / Haus Der Berliner Festspiele on March 17, 2002 and performed by Zeitkratzer from Lou’s songs. Ulrich Kreiger, the group’s saxophone player, transcribed the sounds to create an acoustic music score for their ensemble to play live.

It is due out September 04, 2007 in North America and September 10, 2007 in Europe. The DVD includes the 50-minute long Metal Machine Music concert performed by Zeitkratzer and Lou Reed at MaerzMusik, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, March 17, 2002. The DVD is mixed in stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound. An exclusive 25-minute interview with Lou Reed conducted by Diedrich Diederichsen is also included on the DVD.
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Tours: Whiskey Trench October shows, Alex Degrace in skate film

Montreal’s Whiskey Trench (ex members of All The Answers and the Sainte Catherines) have announced a handful of October tour dates in support of their new Dead Broke Rekerds released 7″.

Whiskey Trench bassist Alex Degrace appears in the upcoming skate film Republic by Jason Auger. There’s an interview with the director in next month’s SBC skateboard magazine.
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The Denslow Cup, SheKillsMe, I Adapt

Kalamazoo, Michigan based three piece The Denslow Cup have put their self-released EP Did You Hear Who’s Fucking Who? up as a free download via their MySpace page. The band will be touring the eastern United States in September and are still looking to fill out some dates on the schedule. Check their MySpace page for details.

Regina, Saskatchewan’s female fronted punk outfit SheKillsMe independently released their self-titled debut EP on August 22nd. Songs from the EP are available on at MySpace.

Icelandic hardcore act I Adapt has released their third full length, Chainlike Burden on Mammaþín! records. The full album is online streaming now via the label’s website.
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