Tours: Rage Against the Machine, Battles, Billy Bragg at Big Day Out 2008

Billy Bragg The organizers of the Australia/New Zealand-based Big Day Out have assembled another major lineup, this time for the 2008 edition of the travelling festival. Set to take place in the Australian summer, the event will include Billy Bragg, Rage Against The Machine, Arcade Fire, Bjork, Dizzee Rascal, Battles, Antagonist and many more.

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Rolling Stone names Kurt Cobain, Mick Jones, Elliott Smith among most underrated guitarists

Rolling Stone magazine has posted a list of what they call the 25 most underrated guitarists. Taking the top spot is multi-instrumentalist Prince, with Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain taking the second place. The list includes a number of figures from bands like Kiss and Fleetwood Mac, but also includes The Clash‘s Mick Jones, The Smiths/Modest Mouse Johnny Mar, John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and that kid from Silverchair.

You can check out the rest of the list here.
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The Great Deceiver: “Life is Wasted on the Living”

The Great Deceiver We’ve got a second stream for you today, this one from The Great Deceiver. The trio features Tomas Lindberg, formerly of influential metal act At The Gates and takes much of that band’s innovation and fuses it with a more defined hardcore base.

The band’s new record is titled Life is Wasted On The Living and was released today. It is their first new album after a three year hiatus. You can find two songs from the record on their Profile
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American Steel: “Destroy Their Future”

American Steel Today, American Steel released their long-awaited Fat Wreck Chords debut, Destroy Their Future. The album is their first under the American Steel name since 2001’s Jagged Thoughts and our review described the album as “the band’s most complete, well-crafted and overall best album.

You can check out three songs from the record on their Profile.
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The problem with leaking albums

The Seattle Times has put together a lengthy article on the phenomenon of leaking music, often months before the album is due out to retail.

It not only examines the circumstances of the leaks, using some particularly high profile releases like The ShinsWincing the Night Away, but also the many things labels do to try to keep the genie in the bottle for just a few more weeks until retail.

What is most surprising though, is what appears to be a sense of entitlement among music fans, many of whom both justify and participate in both the leaking and downloading:

I have justified it by going to live shows when the band is in town. More money goes directly to the artist that way, where they maybe get $1 for any record sale. But it’s still wrong. It’s still stealing.

Conversely, many artists – particularly new ones – are offering support for leaks, saying:

If the record stinks, people are going to hear it and say, ‘I’m not going to buy that,’ For good records, though, they could get a higher profile. You’re not going to get noticed if you hold back and are paranoid about your work.

You can find the article here.

Do you download leaks?
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Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist breaks foot, postpones tour

Dillinger Escape Plan has been forced to postpone their upcoming tour after guitarist Ben Weinman broke his foot. The circumstances around the injury led to this release:

We were filming two videos last week, and leave it to our resident Tornado Of Destruction In A Small Kosher Frame known as Ben Weinman to somehow break his foot while filming A FUCKING VIDEO. Of all the places and times Ben has been seriously hurt playing, he outdoes himself and manages to break his foot in A FUCKING VIDEO. He of course was ready to go out and kick ass with a cast on his foot, which we seriously considered for a second, but figured we’d wait til he could actually kick ass with both feet just in case he did further damage to his foot, which he certainly would have.

Both the band’s European and US tours are now postponed while Weinman heals. The band was gearing up for the release of Ire Works on November 13, 2007
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Against Me! talks about Tallahassee incident, conflicts with DIY fans

Against Me! recently spoke to The Nation about the various things that have plagued the band which each successive step since the band’s first album.

Besides addressing frontman Tom Gabel’s recent arrest:

The day of the Tallahassee thing, we were playing at this place The Beta Bar, and this coffee shop next door was having a protest show against ours. I mean… go protest the fucking war!”

The story cites a recent The L Magazine editorial which writes that “when you say the same things over and over again, as loudly as [Gabel] did, into a microphone no less, to countless impressionable teenagers, you’ve effectively lost your right to just decide one day that you didn’t mean any of it.”

The story also looks at the evolution of the band, particularly when pared against some of the band’s more vocal critics like Maximumrocknroll and more.

You can find the story here.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

There’s a lot of big names in today’s update, including a few high-profile punk releases. On Of all places. Whodathunkit.

Speaking of upping punx, I made up a word below. See if you can spot it.

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