Black Lips on The Interface

Black Lips recently visited AOL/Spinner to record some live performances as well as discuss their new, Vice Records studio debut. The record is titled Good Bad Not Evil and was released last month.

The band performed “How Do You Tell A Child Someone Has Died?,” “Bad Kids” and “Lock and Key” and you can check out the performance and interview right here.

The event can also be downloaded as an audio-only MP3 or as a QuickTime compatible video file.
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Underoath drummer benched due to infection

Aaron Gillespie, drummer of Underoath and frontman of The Almost has been benched temporarily so he can heal from an infection on his hand. His bandmates explained:

Aaron went to the hospital with a really bad infection in his finger caused by a blister from playing. Blisters are common for drummers but normally they don’t get nasty nfections in them. A docter had to do some minor surgery and he can’t use his hand for a week. Kenny Bozich from the band The Almost will be filling in while Aaron’s hand heals up for the week. Tim and Spencer will be pitching in to cover Aaron’s vocal parts.

The popular Christian hardcore act continues to support 2006’s Define the Great Line.
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Bad Religion allows fans to pick set lists

Bad Religion, who hit the road this past Saturday on a tour of the United States alongside Epitaph label mates Gallows and street punks The Briggs, are allowing fans to determine each stop’s set list by way of a vote.

To participate in the vote, point your web browser in this direction.

Bad Religion released their 14th studio album, New Maps of Hell in July.
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Radiohead to release “suggested donation” album

Radiohead In a stunning move, Radiohead has not only announced that they will be self-releasing their new album, but have also allowed fans to set the price they’re willing to pay for the digital download. The record is titled In Rainbows and is due out October 10, 2007 exclusively through the band’s website.

While donation-suggested albums are more common outside of the mainstream – punk/ska label Quote Unquote for example – this seems to be the first time a band of Radiohead’s stature has opted to take this route.

For those craving a physical release, the band has also assembled a “discbox” which will include the album, a double vinyl copy, and a bonus CD with more music; plus, those who opt for the physical release will still get the digital version of the album when it is released.

Update: Turns out there will be a CD release in 2008.
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Bullet Train to Vegas announces hiatus

Bullet Train To Vegas Bullet Train To Vegas are “putting [it] on the shelf” for the time being. In a short explanation posted earlier members outlined their feelings on the band’s status and the difficulties of touring at this stage in their existence.

We are not officially breaking up. Everyone at this juncture in the band is at different points in their lives. When you devote 3 years of your life to touring and don’t see the band getting any bigger than when it started, its time to take a step back. Realistically we’ve really gotten to the point where touring has become an impossibilty. We can no longer tour the way we have so many times in the past. And without the support of bigger tours and/or a record label, it doesn’t seem likely we’ll be hitting the road anytime soon. The demand just isn’t there, and the offers certainly aren’t pouring in.

We interviewed the band late last year after their departure from Nitro Records and the release of their 2005 album We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are. That album was preceded by their 2004 This Bed’s Meant For Two 7″ and 2003’s Profile This.

The band made no mention of the status of what was to be their second LP, The City And None Of The Above.
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Tours: Jon Snodgrass / Chad Rex

Jon Snodgrass, formerly of Drag the River and Armchair Martian, is going to be playing a string of solo appearances alongside fellow reclining alien Chad Rex. Reports are that Snodgrass will be “stripping down Drag The River’s gritty and infectious punk-tinged rustic rock into a subdued, minimalist format” and that Chad Rex will continue his “pop-inclined roots stylings” that he is known for around the Kansas City area.

Drag The River called it quits this year after Snodgrass left the tour with Rocky Votalato.
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Tours: imadethismistake touring, new demo

imadethismistake has posted a new demo, as well as announced a months worth of tour dates in Europe which will start in December. You can hear “Clear Skies Beyond” at their MySpace page. There’s no release currently associated with this demo.

imadethismistake continues to support their debut full length, Tomorrow, We Start New, which saw light in May via Valiant Death Records. You can see those tour dates below.
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The Carrier, Circle of Vultures, Protagonist

The Carrier has posted a new track from their upcoming debut, One Year Later. The album is due out on October 30th via Rock Vegas Records. You can hear “Wasted” at their MySpace page.

Circle of Vultures has posted two new tracks from their free EP Turn of the Century. The EP is full of demos from their upcoming LP The Devil Doesn’t Sleep. You can check out the tracks on their MySpace page.

South Florida’s Protaganist are currently recording their newest album. The album is the followup to 2003’s Hope and Rage, which was released via Blackout! Records. They’re recording in their hometown of Boca Raton and will send the record to Downingtown, PA to be mastered by Arik Victor (Crime in Stereo, Kill Your Idols). Between full-lengths the melodic hardcore outfit released their Reasoning With Time EP on Stakeout Records.
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