Foxy Shazam details Ferret debut

Recent Ferret signing, Cincinnatti, OH’s Foxy Shazam have announced some details about their upcoming debut for the label. The label had this to say about the record:

[Influenced by] contemporaries like At the Drive-In, Gogol Bordello, Man Man, and others in the modern piano-driven punk era, Foxy Shazam construct a formula of chaotic and disjointed, convulsive punk rock, complete w/ apocalyptic lyrics and doom-ridden instrumentation.

The record is titled Introducing Foxy Shazam and is due out January 22, 2008. The band is supporting the record on a tour alongside HeavyHeavyLowLow who most certainly don’t sound like At the Drive-In or Gogol Bordello.

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Mike Herrera (MxPx) releases solo/country project

Mike Herrera, frontman of MxPx, has unveiled a new EP from his solo/country project, Tumbledown. The disc is titled Atlantic City and includes six songs. It precedes a forthcoming full length which is still in the very early stages and there is no current release date.

You can check out four songs on his myspace page or purchase a digital download via DiscRevolt.
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Strike Anywhere talks Taco Bell, Acoustic EP

Strike Anywhere recently spoke to a local Richmond newspaper about their recent deal with Taco Bell and plans for an acoustic EP.

Regarding, the Taco Bell promotion which was to provide free food for the band while on tour:

It’s crazy, because, on this tour, it’s really what we need. It’s an interesting spot for us to be in. As vegetarians, there are things we can eat at Taco Bell that aren’t at other fast-food places, but we still can’t bring ourselves to do it twice a day.

They also discussed plans for a stopgap acoustic EP before the upcoming follow up to Dead FM:

Rather than having folk versions of our punk songs, there’ll actually be new songs that are derived from parts of our songs, with guitars and banjos and maybe a dobro, pedal steel and maybe a fiddle.

Take our songs and deconstruct them all the way back before rock’n’ roll, back to an Appalachian-Dust Bowl-folk experience. We’re excited about this.

The band is currently in the final days of a month-long tour with Silverstein.
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Angels and Airwaves: “Everything’s Magic (Alternate)”

Angels and Airwaves have posted an alternate video/short form film for “Everything’s Magic.” The song comes from I-Empire and is due out November 06, 2007.

Unlike the other video, this one includes bowler hats and mustaches. In related news, the band has launched an official “video” site via ModLife. The site features videos, films, acoustic and unreleased material. It’s all right here.

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The Reason post video "teaser," free song download

Smallman Records recording artists The Reason have posted a “behind the scenes” teaser for their upcoming video ‘We’re so Beyond This.’ In addition they are offering free downloads of the single, which features Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara. Click here to watch the video and download the song.

The Reason released Things Couldn’t be Better last spring.
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