The Red Death: “Sleep of Reason” & “Regression”

The Red Death have posted two songs from their upcoming full length. The record is titled Godmakers and is due out January 22, 2008. It will be their first release through Siege of Amida’s new distribution deal with Ferret Records.

You can check out “Sleep of Reason” and “Regression” on their myspace page.
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Locust get robbed in St. Louis

The Locust can be counted as the latest band to fall victim to van robbery. The bug-eyed experimental hardcore band had their van broken into on November 25 in St. Louis. According to the band’s sometimes label Three One G.

The thieves stole a large amount of personal possessions. Including 3 computers, phone charges, money, and anything else you might think of. As if being a musician did not already have enough hard ships, not only was this an invasion of privacy, but many of the items stolen are irreplaceable due to financial and other reasons. As a band the locust have given to the world what can never be re-paid, and it’s terrible that they have to be faced with this dilemma. Not only did they suffer a loss of personal items, but some things were key to their professional and financial means of living.

Three One G has established a relief fund where fans can donate money to help get The Locust back on their feet.

The Locust are currently on tour in support of their 2007 release New Erections.
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Plus-44 demoing for next album

Mark Hoppus has updated his blog with a status update on his production work and the second album from his Plus-44 project. The band, which also features members of the Mercy Killers, has resigned with Interscope Records and Mark adds:

I’m taking a couple of weeks right now to finish the Our Lunar Activities album. Tthose of you who came to the last +44 European tour will remember them. They are in the studio with us now recording a few more songs before their album is finished. Then Chris Holmes is mixing it. We’re three days in now, finished with the drums, and all of the guitars and bass for one song are done.

Also, for those of you keeping score, we have more than 20 songs in various stages of demo’ing for the new +44 record. Awesome.

The band, which includes two-thirds of Blink-182 released When Your Heart Stops Beating last year.
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Alkaline Trio: “Cringe”

The first remixed and remastered track from the long awaited reissue of Alkaline Trio‘s beloved album, Goddamnit has been posted online. You can also find the artwork on the album’s release detail page.

Originally released in 1998, the album will be reissued in a remixed and remastered format and will include the band’s first demo. The CD will be packaged with a new DVD titled Original Sin: The Story of Goddamnit. It is expected in 2008, ten years after the original release. The DVD also includes a live performance from the band, and includes liner notes from Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio and Mike Park of Asian Man Records.

You can check out the newly refurbished version of “Cringe” on the album’s myspace page.
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Article about Philly van thefts, Strung Out & Suburban Legends

Cheap Shot! Philly has posted an article which talks about the two most recent van thefts to take place in Philadelphia. Those, of course, were the incidents involving Strung Out and Suburban Legends. The piece includes quotes from Strung Out’s Jordan Burns, as well as Suburban Legends vocalist, Vincent Walker.

Since the van theft issue has been such a big problem in Philly, the article takes a look at some possible solutions, as well as the big question: will Strung Out or Suburban Legends ever play in the city again? Jordan replies:

Why are we gonna punish the people that are fans of our band? We’ve always had pretty good shows in Philly, and hopefully that’ll continue. We just have to be a lot wiser about where we stay.

You can read the article here.
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