Green Day back in studio in January; named “Best Grammy” performers

According to Green Day Authority, a popular Green Day fan site, the band will be hitting the studio in January to begin work on their next album:

We got an update this week from Green Day’s manager about what the band is up to now. He let us know that Green Day will be going back to the studio in January, and that we should look forward to a new and perhaps some new photos around that time.

He mentioned that the band was going to begin stepping away from all American Idiot themes, and that the new site wasn’t going to be themed around the new album. I asked about the progress of the new album, and it didn’t sound like we should expect anything too soon. Lets hope we’ll get a full update about what kind of stuff they’re working on early next year.

In related news, the band was recently named as the “Best Grammy Performance.” You can check out the band’s winning performance of “American Idiot” below.

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Sleater-Kinney guitarists reviews “Rock Band”

Sleater-Kinney‘s guitar goddess Carrie Brownstein recently sat down for some quality time with the latest music videogame phenomenon, Rock Band. Brownstein examines both the game itself and the rhythm game movement, providing some insight into the game itself and into the genre as a whole:

It turns out that the more you know about music, the less qualified you are to sell Rock Band. I get that now. Rock Band isn’t about music or about being in a band, it’s about pretending. But instead of pretending alone, as you might in karaoke or Guitar Hero, you pretend with other people. Rock Band is Guitar Hero for people with more than one friend. It’s a theater group set to music, and just as nerdy.

She puts together an amusing comparison of real band vs. Rock Band and finally concludes:

These days, it might be easier to exalt the fake than to try to make sense of the genuine. But maybe by pretending to be in a band, there will be those who’ll find the nerve to go beyond the game, and to take the brave leaps required to create something real.

You can check out the story here. Sleater-Kinney split up in 2006, shortly after releasing the acclaimed The Woods.
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