Mr. Plow: “MySpace”

Mr. Plow has posted a promotional/music video for their new track “Myspace.” The video is dubbed “an instructional video guide on how to deal with getting dumped on Myspace” and can be found below. The video was directed by Matt Laberge and written and produced by Rob Shallcross.

Mr. Plow is described as “a solo acoustic artiste” whose songs deal with “down home pornographic punk-c&w-comedy with a hint of self-help and healing.” The project features said Plowmaster on vocals and guitar back by an all-star band of Gene Hoglan (Strapping Young Lad, Deathklok, Dark Angel) on drums, Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) on bass and Rocky George (Suicidal, Fishbone) on guitar.
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Lockstep, Sounds Of Goodbye, Homemade

Lockstep, which features former members of Naptones, recently spent some time at the Engine Room studios in Indianapolis recording two upcoming EP releases. There’ll be a four song 7″ coming out in February and a CD ep to kick off their March tour. Expect a preview at their MySpace page soon.

After losing their guitar player, and bass player, they have finally found a solid lineup. Sounds of Goodbye are working on a return tour this spring. They’ll be releasing a 6 song EP soon and are playing their first return show tonight in Buffalo, NY. Check out some tracks at their MySpace page.

Homemade, from Minnesota, are working on their debut. Check out some previews at their MySpace page.
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A look at new releases

You’re the lucky reader of the 22nd edition of the Vinyl File. This column aims to keep you informed with upcoming releases as well as spotlighting interesting releases, your favorite band’s own collections and labels with an history of vinyl releases worth talking about. As always, Vinyl File is brought to you by Ben Conoley.

With the holidays behind us and nothing to do except digest that turkey and stuffing, we’re pleased to bring you some info on upcoming vinyl releases from the likes of Gaslight Anthem, Fake Problems and Paint it Black.

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Tours: Cheap Time

Nashville three-piece Cheap Time are headed out on the road for the remainder of the month and throughout January.

The band is supporting their recently released 7″ on Sweet Rot Records titled Spoiled Brat. In January the band plans to release the Handyman (b/w “Wildlife”) 7″ on the pleasantly named Douchemaster Records. Further than that the group is looking towards a full length LP / CD on In The Red in March.
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Bankshot! launches blog, reposts holiday mp3s

The mysterious Bankshot! head honcho has started a blog that can be found at their website and posted special holiday tracks for download.

The tracks were originally posted during (c)Hanukkah and can be found in the blog. Their feature new material from recent signees The Fad and The Mingers alongside acts like the Glow, Stockyard Stoics and Leftover Crack.
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QueerPunks have posted an interview with esteemed musician/writer/spoken word artiste Henry Rollins. The interview touches on some obvious questions as to why Hank has been an outspoken defender of LGBT folks as well as some interesting insight into the acceptance levels of “the scene” when Black Flag were around and kicking:

That is a really good question. I don’t know if I would have even made it through a week of Black Flag shows if the audience thought I was gay. That crowd could be extremely intolerant. I think in general, being gay would have marginalized me to a very visible extent.

He also parts with some great advice for the Queercore scene and people in general.

Never back off your convictions. You’re right, they are wrong. Keep going no matter.

You can check out the whole thing here.
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The Loved Ones: “Pretty Good Year”

The Loved Ones have posted “Pretty Good Year” at their MySpace page. The track was previously featured on the online Hanuk-Comp: from the Dreidel to the Grave release from Fat Wreck and will be on their upcoming album Build & Burn, due out February 05, 2008. It is the follow-up to Keep Your Heart which was released in 2006.

The band is heading out on tour in support of the album in February.
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