Trash Talk complete new album

Trash Talk have completed work on their next album, which is to be self-released. Said the band:

We just finished recording our self titled LP with Steve Albini in Chicago. It will be dropping worldwide in July. We will be releasing it ourselves in the US. This record will be exclusively distributed in the US through Revelation Distro. Reflections Records will be handling the European release of this record. Alliance Trax will be handling the Japanese release of this record.

The album will follow up the Malfunction-released Plagues EP from earlier this year.

The band will be kicking off a headlining tour at the end of this month. Following that, they will be hitting the road with Coliseum.
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Pegasuses-XL: “The Antiphon”

Pegasuses-XL Today we’re bringing you a full album stream of the debut full length from Pegasuses-XL. The band includes Mark Dale of Disband , Jeff Tobias of We Versus the Shark and Dark Meat, Joel Hatstat of Cinemechanica and Jeff Rosenstock of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches and Bomb the Music Industry! though the band sounds less like any of those than you’d think.

The record was released on Ernest Jenning Record. You can check out the album on their Profile.
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Warner pushing for mandatory Internet tax

According to a report from the Conde Nast Portfolio, Warner is putting significant effort into pushing for a mandatory Internet tax to receive unlimited access to any recorded music.

The company has hired Jim Griffin to spearhead the effort. Griffin commented:

Today, it has become purely voluntary to pay for music. If I tell you to go listen to this band, you could pay, or you might not. It’s pretty much up to you. So the music business has become a big tip jar.

But we’re swinging toward the vine of music as a service. We need to get ready to let go and grab the next vine, which is a pool of money and a fair way to split it up, rather than controlling the quantity and destiny of sound recordings.

Warner’s plan would have consumers pay an additional fee—maybe $5 a month—bundled into their monthly internet-access bill. Griffin says those fees could create a pool as large as $20 billion annually to pay artists and copyright holders.

Critics point out that the entire notion is incorrect:

Jim will vehemently deny the ‘tax’ label. But it’s a tax nonetheless. It’ll be a government-approved cartel that collects money from virtually everyone—often without their knowledge—and failure to pay their tax will ultimately result in people with guns coming to your door.

Considering music is not the only thing being illegally shared on the Internet, it is not clear why the music industry should receive such a government-mandated subsidy while other industries – film, video games, software and other content – should be treated differently. Of course, if every industry affected by piracy were to charge $5.00, Internet services bills would double.

Furthermore, it is unclear how the money will be allocated, whether users will be expected to submit “downloading reports” or whether they will be allowed to select the artist to receive their payments. As such, this seems to directly favor major label and RIAA artists while fiercely independent acts will be penalized.
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Mike Park hosting memorial concert for Lynette Knackstedt, breaking out Skankin’ Pickle tunes

Mike Park has organized a memorial concert for his late bandmate Lynette Knackstedt. The two were both integral members of Skankin’ Pickle. Mr. Park will be performing acoustically as well as a 7 song set of Skankin’ Pickle songs backed by San Jose’s Monkey.

The show will take place on April 19th at 924 Gilman and all proceeds will go to the Ohloff Recovery Programs in San Francisco, for drug awareness and recovery programs.
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More coverage of the “emo wars” in Mexico

Things continue to escalate in Mexico where non-emo kids and emo kids seem to be at some sort of war. The latest updates from Daniel Hernandez note:

Emos and others staged a silent march for peace and tolerance through Queretaro’s centro. A week ago on Wednesday, emos and their supporters in Mexico City demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the municipal justice department. The action was organized by a Mexico City gay-rights organization, highlighting the contention of some that the anti-emo movement is homophobic, among other undercurrents.

One rumor I heard today said that on Saturday pro-peace and tolerance punks will rumble with anti-emo punks, once and for all.

The original coverage can be found here.
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Words, The SuperSmashers

Quebec, Canada’s Words just uploaded three songs from their upcoming debut full length titled Cult of Gold to their MySpace profile. The record will be out later this spring on CD via Tuned To You & Fountain Records will handle the LP pressing. In the meantime, it is available now on MP3 from

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s The SuperSmashers have posted a new song from their new EP. The track is available on the band’s MySpace page. The album will be available through the band’s own label, Neutral Run Records.
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