Fearless Records signs Eye Alaska

Fearless Records has signed Eye Alaska.

“We are excited to join the Fearless family. We have been following Fearless Records and their artists for a while. We are excited to be part of a label so close to home,” Cameron Trowbridge (guitar) said of the signing.

The band currently has plans to re-record their EP Yellow & Elephant for release this summer.
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Envy and Thursday plan split LP+CD

Envy Japan’s Envy and New Jersey’s Thursday will be releasing a split LP+CD together this fall. The disc is to be released by Temporary Residence who explained the plans:

There will be no separated CD or LP versions. Both formats will come in one package, and both will contain the same music. We’re not exactly sure how limited it will be yet; maybe 10,000, maybe a billion (probably closer to the former, as we really don’t have space for a billion LPs). In addition, there will be a deluxe, hand-printed edition that will be sold exclusively through our webstore. These will be screenprinted and assembled by hand, and will be colored vinyl, limited to 1000 copies.

Envy released their first DVD, Transfovista earlier this year. Thursday released Kill the House Lights late last year.
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Rancid compile music videos on new DVD, announce tour dates

Rancid are set to release a DVD collection of music videos via their Machete Mfg web store. The set will collect 18 clips ranging from “Hyena” and “Nihilism” to “Fall Back Down” and “Red Hot Moon.”

The band also announced summer tour dates kicking off in June in Arizona and cumulating with a week long tenure in New York this August.

Rancid is hard at work on the long-waited follow up to 2003’s Indestructible. Earlier this year, the band issued B Sides and C Sides. The new album is expected in June.
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