Sinking Ships (2004-2008)

Seattle hardcore band Sinking Ships have announced their break-up on their MySpace. No other statement has been made aside from the announcement of two final shows, one in Seattle at Rain Fest, and one at this year’s edition of the Sound and Fury festival in Southern California.

The band had previously made an announcement regarding their next LP, which was to be self-released. There is currently no word on whether or not this LP will be finished, however, the band recently released a new song from the LP on their MySpace.

Sinking Ships’ last release was the Safe 7″, which was also self-released after parting with Revelation Records.
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Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry and Ben Nichols announce “The Revival Tour”

Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music, Tim Barry of Avail and Ben Nicols of Lucero have announced plans to tour together this fall.

The bill, dubbed The Revival Tour is a series of shows that will see all three artists playing solo sets as well as performing on each other’s material. Ragan explains:

All the tours that I’ve done since I’ve been doing this solo stuff have in some way or the other ended up with a bunch of friends onstage by the end of the night, I’ve always loved seeing that and now I’m absolutely loving creating something like that with good friends who think and believe along the same lines.

Ben Nicols adds:

The three of us have been in bands that each have their own sound, but I think we’re all coming from the same place musically concerning this tour, When it comes down to it, we all appreciate good songs and good songwriters and that’s what this tour is all about,” he adds, “stripping everything down to its basic form and playing some good songs with some of your friends. The idea of Woody Guthrie, just a man and a guitar, is very appealing to all of us-and the chance to be a part of something like that with Chuck and Tim is something I couldn’t pass up. We all have our own types of songs, but I think it’ll be a blast basically sitting around a campfire every night playing music with some friends.

While the tour will feature individual sets from each artist, it will be more reminiscent of the folk tradition of involving multiple artist collaborations-and each performer will have guests coming on and off stage, including the three primary songwriters who plan to hunker down in Barry’s Richmond, Virginia backyard this summer to learn each other’s respective tracks.

Dates are expected to be announced soon.
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Neil Hennessy of Lawrence Arms joins Smoking Popes

Smoking Popes have announced that their previously vacant drum position will be occupied by the multi-talented Neil Hennessy, also of The Lawrence Arms:

We’ve been playing together for the past couple of weeks gearing up for a summer of rock. First up, a record release show for “Stay Down” at Metro on June 7th, then the album will hit stores on June 17th. After the album is out, we’re planning on hitting the road. The plans are coming together at the moment and we’ll keep you posted…

The Popes long-awaited new record is titled Stay Down and is due out June 17, 2008. As for their new drummer, Neil has performed in The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, Baxter, The Killing Tree and also co-wrote the Rise Against hit, “Swing Life Away.”
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Final trailer for “What We Do Is Secret” (Germs biopic)

A new trailer has been posted for the long-delayed Rhino Films production of What We Do Is Secret.

The film aims to document the life and untimely death of Germs vocalist Darby Crash. While it does not cover his entire life, the movie focuses on Crash’s “five-year plan” to become a legend before comitting suicide in 1980. To ensure that the film was true to the story, Director Roger Grossman enlisted the help ex-Germs guitarist Pat Smear, as well as members of Crash’s family and others involved in the late ’70s/early ’80s Hollywood punk scene,

Playing Crash is actor Shane West who is best known from his role on ER. Rick Gonzalez will play Smear, and many other figures from the time will be included in the film, including Captain Sensible and Penelope Spheeris. Bands from the era are also represented in the film, with The Bronx filling in for legendary hardcore act Black Flag.

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