The Ten Greatest TV Appearances by Punk Rock Bands

Our friend Scott has put together a list of the The Ten Greatest TV Appearances by Punk Rock Bands.. Among the entries are NOFX’s appearance on ESPN, Iggy Pop on Tomorrow with Tom Snyder, Brendan Kelly/Michael Graves on the Daily Show, The Sex Pistols on the Today Show, New York Hardcore on Phil Donahue, Fear/Ian MacKaye on SNL and many others.

Scott has also helpfully added clips to each entry so you can see the appearance in question. You can check them out here.
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The One Thought Moment, The Broadside Ballad, Troublemake

Tokyo, Japan’s The One Thought Moment, which features ex-Suicide Machine Lukacinsky, has posted the new song “Long Wave” online at their MySpace page. The band’s debut 4 song EP White Ashes & Dead Black is slated to be released on Japanese label CR Japan/Inyaface Records in July.

Chicago, IL’s The Broadside Ballad, which features ex members of Much the Same, recently released a demo version of “My Best Impression.” Additional information on shows and more is on the way soon.

Sarasota, Florida’s Troublemake have posted a song for their upcoming EP, Two Thousand Hate. The third record from the pop punk band, which includes members of Rational Anthem, is due for release in late July. You can check out “Rhetoric of Dope” at MySpace.
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April 27th, 2007

Hello everybody and welcome to Navel Gazing: your look back at the week in Punknews. I’m Adam White and I’ll be your guide through some of the most popular, notable, and otherwise attention getting stories of the past seven days. Each and every Punknews story is built from tips contributed by you fine folks, and here’s what got the community talking…

The People Must Have Something Good To Read On A Sunday
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Following the season-launching Jay Reatard fracas, this week saw a near riot break out during a Pennywise performance in Long Beach. Police also shut down a Fucked Up show at the SUNY music fest with similar results. In more positive news the legendary ALL will reunite for Riot Fest this year, it’s the Allroy’s Revenge line up, by the way. As per usual it’s one in, one out, so add pop punk act Yellowcard to the list of bands on “Indefinite Hiatus.” Returning from hiatus is a Boston sports bar closed since prohibition, courtesy of new owner and Dropkick Murphy Ken Casey. Rounding things out with a couple of Victory stories, Bayside responded to all the criticism that’s come their way since MTV started running their video, and Streetlight Manifesto‘s sax player was hospitalized.

Less Than Jake unveiled their plans for GNV FLA, a June release that we’re all hoping is a triumphant return to past glories. The Offspring are trying that as well, detailing Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace and re-issuing Ignition and Smash. Weezer‘s in the same boat, claiming that their new record has blue album and Pinkerton influences, that and a cover that’s “Not a Joke.” The “Don’t tase me, bro” incident has inspired Mick Jones (The Clash, Carbon/Silicon) to write a tune. As for other upcoming releases The Mars Volta are writing their next record, A Wilhelm Scream‘s latest hits vinyl in June, and a Johnny Cash tribute from Anchorless Records is on the way featuring the Bouncing Souls, Chuck Ragan and Smoke Or Fire.

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Our Video of the Week featured footage of Ventura, CA’s Glass and Ashes, currently supporting their sophomore LP on No Idea Records. This week also brought new Streaming Music from Manchester ska act Sonic Boom Six, Amarillo, TX-based surf/punk outfit The Mag Seven, and the long-awaited new album from The A.K.A.s on industrial powerhouse Metropolis Records.
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Streetlight Manifesto sax player hospitalized

Streetlight Manifesto has announced that the band’s sax player and main secondary vocalist Jim has been hospitalized.

When we got to Detroit, Jim, our tenor saxist and main secondary vocalist, realized the facial infection he was nursing was too serious to ignore any longer. In Pensacola, FL a week back, a kid jumped up on stage and hit his mic, which in turn slammed Jim’s sax into his mouth. Somehow, the wound got infected on his gum, which ballooned half his face up with swelling the size of a grapefruit. Despite a round of antibiotics, it got worse, to the point where half of his face was practically paralyzed by the time we reached Detroit. He immediately went to the hospital, where we learned it was serious (they put him on morphine immediately) and he had to stay for surgery to remove a tooth and drain the abscess. We had to leave him in the hospital for a few days and, unfortunately, continue the tour without him. Now anyone that’s seen us live, especially recently, knows how important Jim is to our live show, both vocally and as a horn player. We had to redistribute his vocal/horn lines among the remaining members and pair down which songs we are able to play (we’re doing a bit more off of Numb because of this).

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Grave Maker joins Think Fast!

Vancouver, BC’s Grave Maker have signed to Think Fast!. The band will be touring all year supporting their debut, Bury Me At Sea. The full length effort was produced by Roger Camero (The Warriors, No Motiv) and features guests including Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid and Rick Jimenez of This Is Hell and Soldiers. The album is due out July 22, 2008.

The band has posted “Wreckage” from the album and you can find that here.
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