Circa Survive releases another donation-suggested download

Circa Survive have announced their second “donation-suggested” track to raise money for a cause they support. In this case, the songThe Most Dangerous Commercials”. Like their previously released B-side “1,000 Witnesses”, the track will be available for download at a name-your-own price and will benefit something very important to the band – Doylestown, PA independent record store, Siren Records.

The store was issued a cease-and-desist order last week because of zoning issues but on the 20th, was evicted from their location after a misunderstanding. “It was the perfect storm,” explained store owner, Blair Elliot. “The economy was definitely part of it, but we’ve also been in a fight with the landlord about the live shows that we had already agreed upon before we moved in. As that battle was going, we were trying to renegotiate our terms, but in the process, they came in and locked us out. Technically the lease allows them to do, but it isn’t what normally would happen. We’ve gotten wrapped up in the politics of the town that we weren’t privy to and now it’s affecting us.”

You can show your support and get the song here.
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The Kidcrash launch donation-based discography site

Olympia’s The Kidcrash have launched an MP3 page featuring all their releases for donation-suggested downloads. The band explained:

Today i also noticed that we broke 200,000 plays on our profile, and while it is incredible to think about how many people are listening to our music, it’s unfortunate that the number is surely the result of us not making our music accessible online anywhere besides myspace. well, it’s a new day.

I think we might as well not waste another minute waiting to make our music available to anyone who wants it. If you want to download any and all of our releases you now can. Obviously we won’t sell as many copies, and obviously most people won’t make a donation, but luckily we record music to share it more than to profit from it.

You can donate and download here.

The band released Jokes in 2007.
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Stetson, We’re All Broken, The Matadors of Shame

France’s Stetson have posted songs from their first EP and their split with the Panther Party online. You can download them directly here or here. They’re currently working full length to be released in 2009.

Bear County, New Jersey’s We’re All Broken has posted a blog about the completion of their lineup, and unveil a brand new track with Joe Wilson (Feeling Left Out, Welcome Home Travis) on vocals, and Casey Lee Morgan (The Forever Endeavor, Revolution Summer, Lanemeyer) on drums. The song is available on their MySpace page.

Lansing, Michigan’s The Matadors of Shame have offered their entire discography for free downloadin’ on their MySpace page under the “sounds like” category. This is in celebration of thei new album, There’s Nowhere Left, which will be out in September 2008.
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