Crime In Stereo: “Everywhere And All The Time”

Crime In Stereo has posted the song “Everywhere And All The Time” from their upcoming collection Selective Wreckage. You can stream it at their MySpace page. The CD / LP Selective Wreckage will feature ten unreleased songs chronicling the band’s evolution from 2006’s The Troubled Stateside to `07’s Is Dead. It arrives in stores on September 30th. In addition, Bridge Nine Records will be re-releasing the band’s The Troubled Stateside on vinyl on September 16th. The band previously announced plans to release three full lengths and two EPs in the next 12 months.

Crime In Stereo will tour soon with Fake Problems, following which they’ll join the Easycore Tour with New Found Glory, A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong and the International Superheroes of Hardcore. We posted the tour dates earlier.
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The Queers tour this fall, new record in 09, new studio

The Queers are getting ready to head out on tour this September with the Independents. Drummer Matt Drastic won’t join the band on tour as he’ll be busy working in Nashville’s Drastic Sounds studio. For the first two weeks of the tour Lurch Nobody will be drumming for the band, to be followed by Ryan from The Atom Age. Ryan last drummed for the band on their “The Hard Ons” tour.

Joe is also setting up a new recording studio where The Queers plan to record for a 2009 release. Before that the site will launch with Ottawa’s The Riptides.

Ok so the studio… it’s called The Electric Cave and it’s in Portsmouth, NH. Jim Tierney our old pal from out here who worked on Beyond The Valley and More Bounce to the Ounce and the Today ep among other things opened it a few years ago. I bullied him into letting me come in there with all my gear so we’ve joined forces so we can start producing bands again. We used to work together all the time here in Portsmouth on various demos and comp tracks and shit so we go way back to the Hubie/Bface days. It’s a cool room and we’ve added tons of gear as well as 2 tape machines as I am a staunch believer in analog (tape) and am pretty much anti protools (shit). So The Mighty Riptides will kick things off and we already have a bunch of bands coming in so I’s all excited. Just axe me ‘n I’ll tells ya. (I’m using Atlantaspeak here-a largely unintelligible form of the English language.One more thing I won’t miss from Atlanta. God I hated that fucking place.) I love producing so if you wanna cool studio to record in email me here or our website. We’ll be updating a myspace page Jim has going as we start working more. The Bugs-featuring our favorite bassist-(from San Diego that is) Dangerous Dave Swain will be coming in next year for their new album. So if it’s cool enough for The Riptides and Bugs then it’s cool enough for you my friends. We will be recording our next album-I already have the name but I’m not telling any of you guys yet-we’ll be recording the new album early next year. Asian Man tells us May or June is a good release time so yeah about 6 months we’ll have it out. I am going to do more punky stuff this time around by the way.

The band released Munki Brain in 2007.
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The Story Changes: “I Remember”

Dayton, Ohio’s The Story Changes have posted a new song online titled “I Remember.” The track can be heard at the band’s MySpace page. The song appears on the new compilation called The Good Times, recently released by Future Destination Records.

The band has spent most of the year on tour supporting their recent full length album The Way of the Dinosaur.
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Tours: Sing It Loud with Valencia, Cobra Starship

Epitaph power-pop act Sing It Loud have announced a massive fall tour in support of their debut full length Come Around. The band is on the road now with Valencia, to be followed by a fall headlining tour and support dates for Cobra Starship.

The Minneapolis band will release the new album on September 23rd. The record was Produced by Motion City Soundtrack guitarist Josh Cain and mixed by Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182). The record features guest appearances by MCS’ Justin Pierre on the song “We’re Not Afraid” and All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth on “No One Can Touch Us.”
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Tours: Misery Signals (Canada, US)

Misery Signals have announced their fall tour plans. In October the band will traverse Canada with Comback Kid, Bane and Shai Hulud. Once filled with maple syrup the band will return to the US for a tour with Bring Me The Horizon, The Ghost Inside, Johnny Truant and Confide.

The band is supporting their recently released full length Controller. The album is the follow up to 2006’s Mirrors
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Facing New York detail “Get Hot”

San Francisco’s Facing New York have detailed their new full length Get Hot. The band, currently a three piece featuring guitarist / vocalist Eric Frederic, bassist Brandon Canchola and drummer Omar Cuellar, will release the new album this fall via Five One Inc. The album will be preceded by the single “Cops On Bike,” which you can preview now on the band’s MySpace page.

The track listing for Get Hot can be found by clicking Read More.
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Iceberg, Dead City Dregs, The Lawyer Beaters

Buffalo, NY’s Iceberg has returned to One Mic Studios to begin recording their new full length Signals. The record will follow up their 2007 self-titled debut. Samples of the band’s past work and upcoming fall tour dates can be found at MySpace.

St. Louis, Missouri street punk act Dead City Dregs have announced dates for a west coast tour next month. The band is supporting their debut EP Landmine, released in the spring of this year on B.T.T.P Records. You can find tour dates and music from the EP at MySpace.

Piacenza, Italy’s Lawyer Beaters will release their first full length in the US through Knowhere Records and Motherbox Records. The record is titled Waited Enough. Daniele Mandelli from Elfo Studios in Italy (Retarded’s Goes Louder) produced. You can preview music from the album at the band’s MySpace page.
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Sonic Youth begins work on new album

New York, NY’s Sonic Youth have begun work on a new album. The band recently completed their contract with Geffen through the release of Rather Ripped in 2006, and will be returning to an independent label. Says leader Moore to Rolling Stone:

“There’s one label we are certainly going to go with at this point,” he says. “But I don’t think I’m allowed to disclose that right now. I don’t want to risk having a shit storm. I’ve written a half-dozen song ideas. I try not to complete them so much. Last time we got together, we were creating sort of new band-zone-vibe sort of things. It feels great The last four or five records we did were just so compromised by that [major label] situation. But that’s the way it goes.

This album will put the band’s back catalog up in the 20s, including the recently re-released Goo [Deluxe Edition]. The band also just released a Greatest Hits record.
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Cuban punk rocker Gorki Aguila (Porno Para Ricardo) to face trial for “Social dangerousness”

The BBC and AP are reporting that Gorki Aguila, a jailed Cuban punk rocker, will stand trial Friday for “social dangerousness.” Aguila, lead singer of the band Porno Para Ricardo, has been an outspoken critic of Fidel and Raul Castro and the island nation’s communist government. Cuban law defines “social dangerousness” as behavior that runs contrary to “communist morality.” It allows authorities to detain offenders before they commit an actual crime. If found guilty the 39 year old could face up to four years in prison.

Porno Para Ricardo guitarist Ciro Diaz was quoted by the AP stating that “these kinds of trials are very biased. It’s difficult for someone to be absolved. A lawyer can do very little because there’s no evidence of criminal activity presented, only what the police say.” The band recently completed their new record, which they intend to have online soon.
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