Ronnie Radke gets four years

Former Escape The Fate singer Ronnie Radke was sentenced to 4 years in Jail in Las Vegas.

The singer had been caught by police after skipping out on parole and hiding out. According to a recent report, singer was indeed soliciting people for money to “allegedly reform his band” when he was caught last month. The former Epitaph-signed musician was involved in a fight that led to the death of Michael Cook. While another man was charged with the murder, Radke was charged and convicted of battery for his involvement in the situation.
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Cotton Jones signs to Suicide Squeeze

Cumberland, MD’s Cotton Jones has signed to northwest based label Suicide Sqeeze. The label will be putting out the group’s debut full length, Paranoid Cocoon, in January of 2009. In the meantime, there are a few songs from the new album streaming on the group’s MySpace page.

Cotton Jones, short for The Cotton Jones Basket Ride, is the project of former Page France frontman Michael Nau and his songwriting partner Whitney McGraw.
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Norma Jean posts full album stream

Atlanta, GA’s Norma Jean have posted full stream of their new record set to be released on August 5th. The album is titled The Anti Mother, and is available through the band’s MySpace page.

The band previously released details about the album, stating that it would feature songwriting contributions from Page Hamilton and production from Ross Robinson.
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Davey Havok (AFI) launches fashion line

Davey Havok, frontman for Southern California’s AFI, has launched a new fashion line featuring limited edition t-shirts. Named Zu Boutique, the fashion line will only print 100 of each t-shirt design, with each shirt hand numbered zero to 99. Havok had this to say on the website’s blog:

Whether it was Frankie’s insistence to RELAX or the now tame, yet then surely demonic, imaging of the Bones Brigade, tees have always excited me. I still have a closet overflowing with them. From their inception as sailor issue with sex appeal to the standard alley wear of rockers, their decades of cultural importance have permeated the sensibilities of everyone from even the most passive wearers to the ranks of Hedi Slimane. I and my dear friend Danny fall somewhere in between, and from our regions between, we are thrilled to create and bring to you our very own designs. We do hope you like them.

The brand sold out of their first design within twenty four hours.
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Say Anything selling custom written songs to paying fans

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis recently launched a unique initiative, offering to write new acoustic songs for paying fans. The band explained:

In an effort to minimize the gap between music listeners and performers, take up time on warped tour, and find some solution for the fact that anyone can download any of his gosh-darn albums for free, Max came up with a predictably crazy idea in a haze of sleeping medication.

Max has decided to open the door for a limited time to Say Anything fans to submit ONE to TWO paragraphs about an issue they are having, a serious problem they are going through, or even something they just felt should be written about. Max will take two to three days to deliver an acoustic, full length actual Say Anything song based on your experiences and what you submitted! Each song is 100 percent written by Max for YOU, the buyer.

The going price for a Say Anything tune appears to be $150. Since announcing the initiative on August 1st via MySpace the band has since closed orders due to overwhelming demand. There’s no word if the initiative will continue.

The band is currently supporting 2007’s released In Defense of the Genre, which buy our count should have cost J Records $4,050.
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Triple Crown Records signs Fireworks

Triple Crown Records has signed Detroit’s Fireworks. The band reported:

So about 2 years ago we recorded an EP called “We Are Everywhere”. Since then, we released (sort of) a 7′ with a cover, 2 old songs, and only one new song (which clocks in at a minute long). We understand we haven’t been as exciting in the “new music” field as we should have, so we apologize. We promise we haven’t been slacking though, the past 6 months or so have been filled with us touring, writing, garage band-ing, and ultimately trying to find some way to put out a full length record. So, after a long discussion of “slam dancing” over some of New York’s finest vegan cuisine, we decided Triple Crown Records was worthy of our musk. We’ll be recording an entirely new record this October and hoping for a late winter 09 release. Also, look for a fall re-release of “We Are Everywhere” with some new features. We’re extremely excited to be a part of Triple Crown and proud to be part of such an awesome label ran by awesome people. Thanks to Run for Cover Records, everyone who bought/downloaded us, came to shows to hang out with us, and let us be your living partners for a day or two. These past 2 years will always stand as some of the best for us, and with this news, we’re looking forward to a few more.

The band will hit the road in mid August with Hit The Lights. Check the band’s MySpace page to check out some of their work and upcoming tour dates.
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