Crime In Stereo announce “Selective Wreckage” and reissue of “The Troubled Stateside”

Crime In Stereo has announced the first of several upcoming releases. The CD / LP Selective Wreckage will feature ten unreleased songs chronicling the band’s evolution from 2006’s The Troubled Stateside to `07’s Is Dead. The set is not a b-sides collection however. Guitarist Alex Dunne explained:

Originally we planned on doing two separate 7″ EP vinyl records because they were two separate sessions. The side of songs recorded after Troubled Stateside features the 3-songs from the never-released split 7″ EP with Capital, another recording of “When The Women Come Out To Dance” from our free EP on Nitro and “Love,” a song that never made the STATESIDE album which I think is better than anything on that record….

DEAD was a difficult record to make and we had to leave off some songs that were really strong – but we just didn’t have enough time to finish them at the time before having to leave to tour, which was frustrating. Three of these songs are more energetic and upbeat and another is really slow and sad, but I love it.

The record is set for a September 30th release. In addition, Bridge Nine Records will be re-releasing the band’s The Troubled Stateside on vinyl on September 16th. The band previously announced plans to release three full lengths and two EPs in the next 12 months.

Crime In Stereo will tour soon with Fake Problems, following which they’ll join the Easycore Tour with New Found Glory, A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong and the International Superheroes of Hardcore.
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Unwritten Law to release “Live & Lawless” CD / DVD in September

San Diego’s Unwritten Law have revealed details on their upcoming live CD / DVD release. Live & Lawless will arrive on September 16th via Suburban Noize Records. The performance was recorded at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip in March of this year. The results will fill a 16 track live album (including hits “Up All Night,” “Save Me (Wake Up Call)” and “Seein’ Red”) while the DVD features 22, including a 5 song acoustic set.

Unwritten Law has a number of show dates coming up in the near future.
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Throw, Hear The Sirens, The Matadors of Shame

Manila, Philippines based hardcore punk group Throw recently released their sophomore album Unwavering via Counterflow Records. You can preview some of the music online at the band’s MySpace page. The band features vocalist / guitarist Al Dimalanta (of Dead Ends), guitarist Albert Ascona (also of The Beauty of Doubt), bassist Dennis Maniego and drummer Spyk.

The East Bay’s Hear The Sirens have finished recording their debut full length titled Rebel Hearts, Lost. The record was tracked at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, California, a studio used in the past by Green Day, Broadway Calls, and Dillinger Four. The record is expected in the fall and you can preview a demo version of one of the songs at MySpace.

Houston, Texas’ The Matadors Of Shame have their entire discography online to download. You can find a link over at their MySpace page. The band is planning an October tour, the details of which can be found on their page as well.
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Brimstone Howl to release “We Came In Peace” this September

Lincoln, NE’s Brimstone Howl will release their new record We Came In Peace on September 2nd. The record was produced by The Dirtbombs‘ Jim Diamond, who’s produced bands like the White Stripes and the Ponys among many others. Label Alive Records has released the MP3 “A Million Years” as a free download.

The band is following up 2007’s Dan Auerbach produced Guts of Steel
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Be Your Own Pet (2004-2008)

Nashville’s Be Your Own Pet are calling it quits. The band announced:

To all of our fans, we are sad to bring you the news that our upcoming shows in the UK are going to be our last as a band. We thank you for all your love and support these past few years. It’s been a blast, but the time has come for the four of us to go our separate ways.

Those dates can be found here.

The band released Be Your Own Pet in 2006 via Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! label, followed by Get Awkward this year. The band specialized in bratty, adolescent garage punk, with much of their critical acclaim coming from indie rock circles. This, combined with recent disparaging comments made on the Warped Tour made them a polarizing band among more traditional punk fans.
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Death in the Park push back release date

Death in the Park, the band that rose from Hot Rod Circuit‘s ashes last October, has delayed the release of their new record.

The band will release the album in the beginning of the year. In the mean time, they will release an EP in the next couple weeks containing three of the mixes from the upcoming record and an acoustic version of “Fallen” featuring Paramore’s Hayley Williams.
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Negative Approach, F*cked Up, No Age, Ladyhawk, Two Gallants at F Yeah Fest

F Yeah Fest 5 will take place on Saturday August 30th at the Echo, EchoPlex and Jensen Rec Center on Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Keith Morris of Black Flag / Circle Jerks and promoter Sean Carlson, the fest will feature a full day of music, a comedy show, an art exhibit, and the infamous LA Scavenger Hunt to follow on the 31st.

Bands playing on the 30th include No Age, Negative Approach, Fucked Up, Two Gallants, Ladyhawk and many more.
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HORSE the band recruits new drummer

HORSE the Band HORSE the Band has recruited a new drummer in the form of Bleeding Kansas‘ Daniel Pouliot:

We’ve known Daniel for like 5 years. He was there when Nathan did his first show on vocals. He has watched the ages of Karuza, Alex Duddy, Eel Eye, Christopher Prophet, and our beloved Jon Karel from the 12 Looks Like You come and go. He is also the hardest-hitting, most brutal, passionate, smartest, coolest drummer any of us have ever seen in 10 years of touring this planet “Earth”. Any of you who have seen Bleeding Kansas understand, we now have the most brutal drummer ever. He would have been our drummer like 5 years ago but he was finishing up college.

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The Fully Down (2004 – 2008)

The Fully Down After four years as a band, Ottawa’s the Fully Down has announced their break-up.

The band released this statement on MySpace:

As some of you may have heard, we’ve decided to call it a day. It was not an easy decision for any of us, but it got to the point where people began to become interested in other things, and we couldn’t put enough into the band anymore. As people began to leave to pursue other projects, it became harder and harder to find replacements and still believe that we were the same band. In no way is there any bad blood between any us, and I’m sure some of will work together again on some new musical endeavors.

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The Atom Age, Street Smart Cyclist, The Cruz Missiles

Berkeley, CA’s The Atom Age have posted new demos online, the newset of which is dubbed “Baby Says.” The recordings are leading up to a new 7″ and full length, both of which are currently in the works. You can hear more at MySpace.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Street Smart Cyclist will play their final show in Allentown, PA on August 31st at Jan’s Room. They’ll be sharing the stage with Yo Man Go, who are all calling it quits that night.

Santa Cruz / Santa Rosa, California’s The Cruz Missiles will release their new LP The Year Of The Rat this winter via the newly formed Rise Again Records. You can download music from the band via MySpace.
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