Christie’s to hold punk-themed auction next month

Christie’s, the leading art business and a fine arts auction house founded in 1766, have announced plans for a punk-themed auction. Set for November 24th, the auction will feature memorabilia from Ramones, The Clash, Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, Blondie, the Cure and Patti Smith among others.

“We understand that tastes change, tastes mature. Ten years ago, punk memorabilia probably wouldn’t be something we’d be auctioning here. But now, people of a certain age have a certain ability to splurge on this material.

Some choice lots include a rare poster for the famous 1976 Ramones show in London which led to the formation of numerous British punk bands including The Clash, Sex Pistols and others. Various items are expected to command between $300 and $6,000 apiece.
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Virgins (ex-New Mexican Disaster Squad): “Miscarriage”

Virgins Our stream today comes from Orlando, Florida’s own Virgins. The band is the new project from Sam Johnson of New Mexican Disaster Squad. The record is titled Miscarriage and promises a record that is both influences by 80s hardcore/punk, “raw, snotty, and full of angst,” with “a dose of southern fried dirt rockin’ hooks and riffs ”

Check it out for yourself on their Profile.
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Suburban Home / Vinyl Collective offer free download of Fest LP

As previously announced, Suburban Home / Vinyl Collective will be giving away a free LP during the Fest. The album, limited to 1,000 copies, includes unreleased tracks from Jon Snodgrass, Two Cow Garage, Ghost Buffalo, Austin Lucas, Mike Hale, Drag the River and more.

While the only way to get a copy will likely be to show up in Gainesville this coming weekend, the label has offered it for free download in MP3 format. You can download the album here.
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Al Barr (Dropkick Murphys) talks touring, writing plans

Al Barr, vocalist for Boston, MA’s Dropkick Murphys took some time to speak to Jersey Beat about the band’s plans for the end of the year. Barr commented on the band’s touring plans for the rest of the year, and also the band’s current writing status:

We kind of try to write as you go so that way when you get to the point where you’re ready to start working on a new record you’re not just cramming, you know what I mean? But as far as the new year goes, we’re real excited because we got the Big Day Out, which is a big festival in Australia, so we’re planning on going to Australia for about three weeks in January, and New Zealand as well. We really love Australia. We’ve been to New Zealand only one other time and that was really cool, so we’re looking forward to that, y’know. It’s really cool, this band has afforded us all the luxury of being able to travel all over the world and that’s pretty amazing.

The band released The Meanest of Times last year through East/West. You can read the entire interview here.
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Loved Ones EP and Strung Out rarities due in 2009

Strung Out Fat Wreck Chords has announced two new releases scheduled for February 2009. First, the label is planning a new rarities (B-Sides) album from Strung Out. The album will be the second such compilation from the band who previously compiled material on The Skinny Years: Before We Got Fat in 1998. The band released their last studio album, Blackhawks Over Los Angeles, in 2007.

Around the same time, the label is planning a new EP from The Loved Ones. That band released Build & Burn in 2008.
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Snap to Grid: Maridia Beta 2

Here’s another installment of Snap to Grid, our regular look at up-and-coming user-created content for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. In this latest edition, ETQW Mapping‘s Managing Director and professional gorilla impersonator Terry ‘Salteh’ Seidler takes a look at beta 2 of Maridia, another effort by well-known brush-building machine Chris. Read on for a full walkthrough of the map, several screenshots and the obligatory download link.

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