Riot Fest announces final lineup, set times

With just a week to go before the highly anticipated Chicago-based Riot Fest, the promoters have announced set times and most final details for the list of bands and performances.

The lineup includes The Lawrence Arms, Jay Reatard, Bouncng Souls, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, ALL, The Casualties and feature Leftover Crack, TSOL, Municipal Waste, Anti-Nowhere League, Teenage Bottlerocket, Mustard Plug, Big Drill Car, Paint It Black, Valiant Thorr, Reagan Youth and many more.

You can check out the set times and lineups here.

The event is set for October 10-12 in Chicago, Illinois. The three-day event will take place in several venues across Chicago, including the Congress Theatre (October 12), House of Blues (October 10), Double Door and Cobra Lounge (October 10 and 11).
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Poison The Well plans 7-inch series

Poison The Well Poison The Well has announced a new 7-inch series to be released in the weeks leading up to their next full length. The first release, I / III, is set for release on November 11th, with a pre-order beginning on October 24 (t-shirt and poster included) through the band’s myspace page. All music is taken from the recording of the band’s 2007 Versions album, is all new material, and will not be released on the band’s new full-length

The band will be hitting the studio with producer J. Robbins this fall to record their next album.
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No Fun At All: “Reckless I Don’t Wanna” and “Never Ending Stream”

Swedish skate-punk legends No Fun at All have posted two songs from their upcoming album and first full-length in eight years. The album titled Low Rider is due to be released November 14, 2008 (November 21, 2008 in Europe) on the band’s own label Beat ‘Em Down Records.

You can find “Reckless I Don’t Wanna” and “Never Ending Stream” on their myspace page.

The band’s final release State of Flow was released on Burning Heart Records in 2000, however, the band broke-up the following year, though has been doing more and more reunion shows in recent years.
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STALKER: Clear Sky Update Released

Updates to STALKER: Clear Sky have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

STALKER: Clear Sky

  • Fixed an error which prevented the guide from leading the player to the Cordon. This was caused by the fact that the autosave function failed to save all data, and once such a saved game was loaded, the game became impossible to complete. If this error occurred, it was necessary to restart the game from the beginning
  • Fixed a bug with secondary objectives (Deliver item), which caused the arrow to point to the wrong NPC after a save/load
  • Changed the reward for lowering the bridge in the Red Forest
  • Changed the reward for killing bandits at the Freedom base filling station
  • Fixed the Freedom technician’s dialogue. After accepting a secondary objective, it became impossible to undertake/complete objectives to find flash drives
  • Fixed an error, which caused the situation to be displayed incorrectly in the PDA Faction War section
  • Fixed an error, which caused the number of grenades for the grenade launcher attachment to be saved incorrectly following modifications
  • Fixed an error, which caused FPS to fall when the cursor was moved over headings on the PDA map
  • Fixed an error, which sometimes caused the game to crash to desktop when the game was saved during an NPC death animation sequence
  • Fixed an error, which caused carried weight to be calculated incorrectly when a suit was upgraded or artifacts attached
  • Fixed an error, which sometimes caused faction strength to be displayed incorrectly in the PDA statistics
  • Fixed an error, which caused the game to crash following the loading of a saved game due to incorrect saving of monster animations and armed NPC grenades
  • Fixed an error, which sometimes caused ammo to be displayed incorrectly after searching bodies
  • Fixed an error, which sometimes caused individual NPCs to be enemies, while the rest of their faction was neutral or friendly
  • Fixed several minor HUD, inventory, PDA and main menu errors
  • Minor rebalancing of trade and items that pop out of dead bodies
  • Fixed a problem, which allowed the player to leave the Zone in the water part of the game (first visit to the Swamps)
  • Changed the process for rewards given for joining factions
  • Changed rewards for destroying faction bases
  • Fixed game crashes during conversations with enemy technicians
  • Added ability to upgrade GP 37 with the help of Freedom and Bandit technicians

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Paper The Operator: “Solemn Boyz”

Paper the Operator Our stream today comes from Paper the Operator who hail from Poughkeepsie, New York. Our reviewer drew comparisons to The Stereo and had this to say about the record:

This is an awesome little EP. The execution and musicianship are top-notch, and it’s refreshing to hear a band still playing music like this. Hopefully, a full-length is in the cards for Paper the Operator.

You can check out the stream on their Profile.
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F*cked Up: “The Chemistry of Common Life”

Fucked Up Fucked Up have a full album stream of their highly anticipated full length debut for Matador Records. The record is titled The Chemistry Of Common Life and is due out October 7, 2008. The full length is the follow up to their last full length, 2006’s Hidden World. Since then, the band has also issued singles including Year of the Dog [12 inch], Year of the Pig [12 inch] and David Christmas [7 inch].

You can check out the stream here.

Please note that the stream is only available for US residents. No word on whether an international friendly stream will be available before the record’s release.
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Village voice digs into Leftover Crack’s “Donut Social”

Scott Sturgeon, also known as Stza of the Star Fucking Hipsters, Leftover Crack and Choking Victim, was the focus of a recent article covering his arrest in what is being called the “donut social.”

Stza was performing at a protest concert in the area, which is also home to the NYPD’s 9th Precinct, and proceeded to throw donuts at officers while performing. After the set Stza was arrested. The Village Voice dug into the incident, explaining some of what happened:

[Promoter Bill Cashman] says police are applying a double standard to Leftover Crack, and effectively taking away their freedom of speech. “For them, they strictly enforce the rules,” he says. “But for other performances, they don’t. The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, the Theater for a New City, the recent performance by the Undead, were all way louder. No one was there from the police enforcing it. They just want to keep our shows quiet.”

You can find the rest of the article here.
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Johnny Rotten does a commercial for Country Life butter

Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten has shot a commercial promoting Country Life butter. The ad is part of a £5m TV campaign, and Rotten spoke to The Guardian about it:

I’ve never done anything like this before and never thought I would, but this Country Life ad was made for me and I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

In between Pistols reunion shows, Rotten has celebrated the 30th anniversary of Never Mind the Bollocks, released a career retrospective, re-recorded a classic Pistols track for a video game and walked out of a reality show. In 2005, he was named most punk.

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Ryan’s Hope re-release “Chaos EP” for free

Ryan's HopeRyan’s Hope have expanded and re-packaged their recent free digital Chaos EP. The release, which features five new songs, is now available via the band’s website. The new download features the original songs plus the band’s cover of the Misfits‘ “I Turned Into A Martian” and b-side “Snakes On A Plane.”

The Joliet, IL based three piece last released the Apocalypse in Increments full length in 2006.
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