Now on Steam – Project Aftermath

The Indie arcade RTS game, Project Aftermath, is now available on Steam.

Command up to four squads of soldiers in exciting battles in a retro-futuristic world. Equip your squads to suit your playing style, researching new items using the spoils of war; choosing from over 100 different weapons, armour, power-up augmentations and spell-like special attacks.

Save 10% off the regular price of $19.99 when you buy before October 10th.
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Now on Steam – Source MODs

Five Leading Modifications Mark Debut of Mods On Steam.

Valve today announced the availability of five leading Source MODs (game modifications built atop Valve’s leading engine technology). The initial set of MODs offered via Steam are available free of charge for owners of any Source-based game.

To celebrate the launch of MODs on Steam and give gamers an easy entry into the world of Source MODs, Valve is offering Half-Life 2: Episode One for just $4.99. The original Steam MOD squad is comprised of: Age of Chivalry, D.I.P.R.I.P., Insurgency, Synergy, and Zombie Panic.

“Valve has been supporting the MOD community since the company’s inception, offering updates to the SDK, holding MOD Expos and being the first to bring a MOD to retail with Counter-Strike in November 2000,” said Doug Lombardi, vice president of marketing at Valve. “The debut of these MODs on Steam marks the beginning of a new level of support for the MOD community by putting the leading MODs at the finger tips of over 15 million targeted gamers.”

The first MOD squad is available now. Once installed, these MODs will appear in the Steam “My Games” list and the MODs will receive automatic updates just like other games on Steam. Also, these MODs now take advantage of Steamworks, providing stat tracking and tighter integration with the Steam community.

For more information, please visit
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Video of the Week: Avail – live from Fest 6

AvailLiving in Richmond, VA there are a few rules. First, if you move away, at some point you have to move back. Second, any frequently visited bar must have PBR. Lastly, you don’t miss an Avail show. The last rule has been known to destroy relationships, get people fired and melt faces.

This week’s clip isn’t from a hometown show, but was captured during last year’s Fest in Gainesville, FL by our chums over at National Underground. The video features a performance of the song “Scuffletown”, which comes from the band’s essential 1998 release Over The James.

You can check it out below .
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Tours: Arkells (Canada)

Hamilton, Ontario’s Arkells are set to hit the road in October. The band will tour across Canada in support of Matt Mays & El Torpedo. . This follows a summer of touring and festival appearances that saw the band performing with acts like Alexisonfire, Ladyhawk, Tokyo Police Club and Bedouin Soundclash.

The five-piece is gearing up for the release of their debut full length Jackson Square on October 28th via Dine Alone Records. Two songs from the album, “John Lennon” and “Oh The Boss Is Coming” can be streamed at the band’s MySpace page.

Given the popularity around here of another Sprinsteen inspired, soulful independent rock band, you folks may want to get in on this.
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Tours: Statues playing shows with the Ergs, Fucked Up, Dillinger Four, Malcolm Bauld

StatuesSudbury, Ontario based punk act Statues have announced a number of upcoming shows. Among the dates are perforances with the Ergs in Toronto, with Fucked Up and Dillinger Four in Montreal and at the Halifax Pop Explosion with former Frenetics frontman Malcolm Bauld.

The band is working on several new projects for the comings months. This includes a new full length on Deranged / P.Trash and new 7″ releases on labels like 1-2-3-4 Go! and House Party Records. The released the New People Make Us Nervous LP this year. It’s due for a new pressing soon. The band is also supporting Terminal Bedroom, a CD comp on Deranged of the band’s last three 7″ releases.
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Eric Ozenne comments on injury

Said Radio frontman Eric Ozenne has posted an update on the injury that forced the band to cancel their previously scheduled apperances with Tiger Army. Eric commented:

i didn’t realize that i would have people so worried about my health, so….
many of you know that i have an old military leg injury that is chronic. this is different. i hurt my leg at Said Radio’s last show w/ TA in Portland a few weeks back. it didn’t seem that bad at first, but then it swung in a negative direction a couple days later. i had trouble just walking. it seemed like another nerve issue (like my left leg) and it was in a similar place in the hip area. I curreently (since i started pacing myself)began to walk much better, but many times when i pivot on my right side i feel alot of pain and sometimes almost buckle from it. i am hoping that all gets better soon. I am recording my part of the new Said Radio songs this month, so look for it to come out in the late year or early next year on Mankind Records

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Dirty Pretty Things (2005-2008)

London’s Dirty Pretty Things have called it quits. The band is notable for featuring former Libertines members members Carl BarĂ¢t and Gary Powell, as well as that band’s touring guitarist Anthony Rossomando (also of New York/Boston band the Damn Personals). The band announced:

It is with some sadness we announce the farewell of the Dirty Pretty Things. It’s been a glorious three years which we all would gladly live out again, but it is time for us to try new things. (not The Libertines). We are reluctant to give up touring but will give the last waltz everything we have and are determined to go out as we came in, after which we all have other ventures to be getting on with and splendid future plans. Heartfelt thanks to all who made it what it was, much love and we’ll see you on the road.

Dirty Pretty Things most recently Romance at Short Notice earlier this year.
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