1984, The Scare, Suburban Vermin

Paul Abrahamian, formerly of Armor For Sleep has started a new project called 1984. You can check it out at the MySpace.

Washington DC’s The Scare have released a track from their upcoming EP Bad Things Come in Threes on their MySpace page. They also recorded a B side that is slated for the Revelation Records 20th Anniversary tribute compilation.

Criss Crass (original drummer for the Muffs) has joined Seattle Pop Punk Band Suburban Vermin. They will be releasing their first full length January 30th, and will be celebrating Criss’s 30th anniversary playing music on February 20th, which will be recorded for a live cd/dvd. Check out some tracks at their MySpace.
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January 4th, 2009

Hello everybody and welcome to Navel Gazing: your look back at the week in Punknews. I’m Adam White and I’ll be your guide through some of the most popular, notable, and otherwise attention getting stories of the past seven days. Each and every Punknews story is built from tips contributed by you fine folks, and here’s what got the strange, slow, old people in the community talking…

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This week’s most popular stories

United Nations, which features members of Glassjaw and Thursday is continuing to run into trouble due to it’s name. The group has seen it’s social networking resources run dry, recently losing their presence on Facebook and Myspace. Every Time I Die has inked a deal with Epitaph Records, joining other recent high profile signings such as Thursday and New Found Glory. Jared Shavelson has left None More Black, to be replaced by Richard Minino of New Mexican Disaster Squad and Gatorface. Dillinger Escape Plan also recently lost a drummer and discussed the line up change with fans. The 2009 touring season is slowly getting underway. Off With Their Heads are headed to the UK and Ireland while No Use For A Name and Useless ID are headed to Israel.

The Bouncing Souls launched their monthly singles project this week with the song “Gasoline.” The Swellers will record their new album this month. Paramore is also working on their next. Bigwig has a new 7″ on the way. Victory Records has teased their 2009 release slate with upcoming records from Between The Buried And Me, Silverstein, Aiden, and Comeback Kid among others. Chris Walla from Death Cab For Cutie also declared that he intends to make a “radio record.” A Wilhelm Scream has posted the unreleased song “The I Hate ___ Club.” Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem posted a pair of solo tracks. Fall Out Boy posted their video for the track “America’s Suitehearts.”

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We conclused 2008 with a number of retrospective articles. We saw lists of your favourite albums of 2008, our staff reviewers’ favourite albums of 2008 and our editors’ favourite albums of 2008. We also saw a list of the most popular stories of 2008. Don’t forget about our holiday gift from last week, a video download of A Wilhelm Scream performing live at the Fest.

So what’s coming up this week? Look for tours kicking off from Franz Nicolay of the Hold Steady / World Inferno Friendship Society (US), Madball, LVG and Thick As Blood (Florida), Swingin’ Utters with Shot Baker and others (US) and Defeater (US).
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SNFU (UK, Europe)

The newly reformed SNFU has laid some intense touring plans for the coming spring. After a date in Costa Rica and a couple in Canada the band is headed across the pond to Europe and doing a long tour of both the UK and mainland Europe.

SNFU (originally an acronym for Society’s No Fucking Use) formed in Edmonton, Alberta in 1982. The band was initially comprised of vocalist Mr. Chi Pig, guitarists Brent and Marc Belke, bassist Warren Bidlock and drummer Evan “Tadpole” Jones. Over the next decade their rhythm section shifted from album to album, with over 17 people having played in the band at one time or another.The band released albums on BYO, Cargo, Epitaph, Alternative Tentacles and their own label Rake Records.

When they got back together last year, the band consisted of vocalist Mr. Chi Pig with guitarist Ken “Goonie” Flemming (the Unwanted / Econonline Crush / Dog Eat Dogma / one time SNFU bassist in the 90s), bassist Just Denis (Dog Eat Dogma / Smoked Oysters / Fake it Big Time) and drummer Chad Mareels (Black Donnellys / Nasty On / Dog Eat Dogma).
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I Am The Ocean set to record

I Am the Ocean are set to enter the studio to begin work on their sophomore full length for Uprising. The band had this to say:

We’re super excited to be heading back to Portland to record with Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio. We begin tracking on January 11th and will be in Oregon until mid February. Look for a spring release and for us to be constantly on the road beginning in March.

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Hex signs Oak & Bone, Night Owls, unveils 2009 plans

Hex Records has announced some of their plans for the new year. The label is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a variety of releases. As reported earlier, the label is planning a handful of seven inch releases from Lemuria, Helmes Alee and End of a Year. They have also signed four new bands.

Syracuse, NY-based Oak & Bone and Night Owls. The former combines “crusty and mean hardcore with doses of 70’s metal” sounding like “Unsane and Queens of the Stone Age.” You can find some music here. Night Owls is described simply as “hardcore rock” and you can download their demo here.

You can find more of their plans for the new year here.
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Don Giovanni starts 2009 with Cheeky and Screaming Females

Don Giovanni is starting out 2009 with big plans. They’ve welcomed Screaming Females and are awaiting the finished tracks for their LP Power Move, which is scheduled for an early April release.

Brooklyn’s Cheeky will also be entering the studio in February with Chris Pierce (Groucho Marxists, The Measure (SA)) to record their first full length. The band has previously released material on Quote Unquote Records.
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Jesse Michaels unveils details of new band

Jesse Michaels has released some information on his new band – Classics of Love. The band features Michaels on guitar and vocals, Mike Huegenor on guitar, Morgan Herell on bass and Max Feshbach on drums – all three other members are currently in The Hard Girls and have played in Pteradon and Shinobu. Michaels had the following to say about forming a new band:

I had been doing solo stuff but really wanted to start a band. My hopes weren’t too high because in the past I have found it very difficult to find people to play with who had good instincts, who weren’t fucked up in some way, and who didn’t party too much (Common Rider notwithstanding). Mike and Skylar from Asian Man records suggested I try jamming with these “Hard Girls” dudes for the sake of recording a 7″. To make the story short, it worked out. I feel very fortunate to have found such compatible people to work with.

Our sound is basically high energy mid-tempo rock/ punk. We are experimenting with adding a little trashy reggae but if we do it will probably just be for a song or two rather than being a staple. We like The Who, The Clash, Bob Mould, Husker Du, The Hold Steady, Rites of Spring, Nation of Ulysses, Fugazi, The Wipers, Guided by Voices, The Kinks, and a lot of other stuff but don’t really sound like any of those bands exactly.

The band’s current plans include a four show mini-tour of Los Angeles and regular dates in the Bay Area starting in February. There is an EP in the works for Asian Man and longer tours in the future. Michaels had a surprise debut for the band last month during a Plea For Peace Toy Drive show in San Francisco.
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The Riverdales add Blueheels drummer, potentially announce shows

The recently reunited Riverdales have named their new drummer. Dan Lumley will not be returning and the new member will be Blueheels bassist Adam Cargin.

Cargin has posted two dates on his MySpace page, although they do not appear on the Riverdales’: April 16th at an unnamed venue and April 18th at Reggie’s in Chicago.
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Brian Fallon: “The Blues Mary”, “Italian Lightning”

The Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon posted some sample solo tracks towards the end of 2008. “The Blues Mary” and “Italian Lightning” are available at his MySpace page. The lyrics of the latter and its source of inspiration can be found in his blog.

Fallon previously posted the track “Backstreets” and some solo dates. He has since posted a few new solo dates for the new year.
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