Beastie Boys launch “Paul’s Boutique” packages, player

Though the retail release is due out next week, on February 10, 2009, the Beastie Boys have launched their own digital and vinyl store to sell copies of their newly remastered and reissued classic, Paul’s Boutique. In each case, the band is offering lossless FLAC and Apple Lossless files for instant download with elaborate deluxe editions shipping in the next few weeks.

The album is being released on CD, 180g vinyl and in a $129 package. Originally released in 1999, Paul’s Boutique was the Beastie Boy’s second studio album and remains one of their most influential and critically acclaimed works. You can check out the various formats here.

A stream of the remastered record can be found here.
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The Black Lips: “Live in India”

Vice TV has posted a video of the rather controversial visit of Black Lips to India last week. The band was chased out of India by police after a particularly eventful performance in Chennai. The city is the fourth biggest city in the country and the band was playing at the Sir Mutha Venkata Subbarao Concert Hall when the incident occurred. According to a report from the band, the reason for the controversy and tour cancellation was the band’s “indecent exposure. ”

Check out the video here.
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Updated from The Bled

The Bled have posted a big update on their current status, future plans and more:

Basically, we have been trying to figure out how to stay a band. As a lot of you know, we acquired a hefty band debt that we have individually been working to pay off. We have been touring as our full-time job for the past 7 years so jumping right in to regular work, particularly with the economy being as awful as it is, was no small task.

We have been steadily practicing old material as well as writing for a new record. The old songs sound, and feel like the old songs, and the new stuff is pretty insane. This is a new version of the Bled and so far it is as good as ever. We look forward to proving it on the first weekend of April at Bamboozle Left.

Check out the entire update along with updates on individual members here.
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Rancid post update: album release and tour plans

Rancid have posted the first update in some time on the status of their long-awaited full length. While a formal release date has yet to be confirmed, the band is aiming for a Spring release:

Our good friend and producer Brett Gurewitz has finished mixing our new record set to release around spring of this year. We’ve all been working real hard along side Brett on this record and we are all real proud of how its turning out. As it’s release comes nearer we will get you more details on everything we’ve been working on.

We will also be hitting the road hard this year. As you may have heard we’ve confirmed a 2 month North American Tour with Rise Against. This will be a great opportunity to play you some of our new songs live in addition to a mix of songs spanning the entire history of Rancid. We like to play a new set every night to keep it fresh and interesting for all of us! We like to do a little something from every Rancid record giving every night a unique show from the one before.

The band’s last studio album was 2003’s Indestructible. In the interim, they released B Sides and C Sides, The Music Videos: 1993-2003 DVD and Tim Armstrong‘s solo album, A Poet’s Life.
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Tuesday, February 3 2009

We’ve posted some new reviews. You can check them out below:

You can check out any of our 8019 reviews right here
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Major label execs “fear” Apple

According to a New York Times report, many music industry executives operate in fear of angering Apple. Apple’s online digital music store has become the defacto standard for digital music online, while CD sales plummet.

The dynamic is interesting because the record companies used to be able to dictate everything from supply to price, but the unusual power of the Apple store has made this kind of control over the industry much more difficult for the music labels and given Apple significant bargaining power.

It is an interesting bit of irony after many years of artist complaints about the uneven bargaining power of major labels and the one-sided royalty system.
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This Is Hell looking for drummer

Trustkill Records hardcore act This Is Hell are currently looking for a drummer. The band sent out this email:

Starting for when we go to Europe March 13th – April 14th. If anyone is interested in trying out please film yourself playing any two of these songs…. “Broken Teeth,” “Polygraph Cheaters,” “Infected,” “Reckless,” or “Permanence” — upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and email it to

We have a weekend in the US right after Europe and then we are planning on finishing writing and then recording after that. Obviously you need to have good gear, need to be able to tour a lot, be able to get to Long Island to practice and not be a shithead. If you have any further questions feel free to email us at the above address.

The band released Misfortunes in 2008.
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Red Tape Parade posts new song, recording news, tour with Shook Ones

Red Tape Parade have posted a new song from their upcoming split with Munich’s Ghostchant. The split is due out at the end of February via Fields of Hope Records. The song, “You Can Only Say What It Is In French,” is on their myspace page.

The band is also planning to enter the studio soon to record a 4-5 song EP to be released around the time they plan to tour with Shook Ones in April/May of this year.
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Help us test the new is launching a brand new site soon. We’ve listened to a lot of suggestions and made a lot of changes to make the site easier to use and make it quicker to get to the information you’re looking for.

However, since a lot of stuff changed, we’re hoping to enlist some of you to help us out by trying out the new site before everyone else.

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