39 song Kid Dynamite tribute set for release

Kid Dynamite A release date and final details have been announced for the tribute to Kid Dynamite assembled by Get Outta Town Records and Black Numbers Records. Set for release on July 7, 2009 on CD and July 14, 2009 on vinyl, the tribute is titled Carry the Torch: A Tribute to Kid Dynamite and will include 39 tracks.

The final product boasts introspectives written by Kid Dynamite guitarist Dan Yemin and drummer Dave Wagenschutz, as well as guest vocals by Yemin on “Three’s A Party” with No Harm Done.

No Trigger‘s cover of “k05-0564,” Sakes Alive!!!’s “News at 11” and This Time Next Year‘s “3 O’Clock” are all streaming on the tribute’s myspace page.

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Meat Puppets announce new album, tour

Phoenix, AZ’s Meat Puppets have announced a new album. Sewn Together will see the light of day May 12th on Megaforce Records. It is the follow up to 2007’s Rise To Your Knees, the band’s first album after reforming. Says Curt Kirkwood:

In the ’80s, we used to just crap this stuff out. Those SST records cost, like, five grand apiece, if that much, and those are the records that made people like us. Now, if I can get away with it, I’ll make a record as cheap as I can and put as little work as I can into it, which is what we did with this one. I don’t like putting a lot time into it. We cut a track, and if we’ve played it halfway right, we’re done with it.

The band will also be heading out on a tour in support of the album.
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Members of Fifth Hour Hero form Rome Romeo

Two members of Canada’s Fifth Hour Hero have resurfaced with a new project. Geneviéve Tremblay and Olivier Maguire have formed the new act and recorded five tracks for their first demo.

You can check out all five songs on their myspace page.

Fifth Hour Hero split up in 2007 after eight years together. Their final album was 2006’s Not Revenge…Just a Vicious Crush.
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Casting Curses post EP

Upstate New York-based hardcore act Casting Curses have posted their Heartificial EP online. The record is set for release on April 3rd via Tuned to You Records and mixed/mastered by Mike Kalajian (Ace Enders, Moving Mountains, Just Surrender).

The band is about to embark on their third Canadian solo tour and will be hitting the road stateside with She Rides (Stillborn Records) in May. Check out the songs on their myspace page.
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The Flaming Tsunamis (1999-2009)

CT-based skacore band The Flaming Tsunamis have just announced that, after ten years, they’ll be calling it quits. In a blog posted to the band’s myspace vocalist Andy Tabar states:

As i struggle with feeling let down while at the same time having complete understanding for the situation, i am also excited for the final gasp of the band. We aren’t done yet, we are all still committed to recording our next album, our final album, as well as playing a handful of shows.

I’m not sure exactly how many shows we are going to play and if any of them will be outside of CT, but we will be delivering to you one last recording to enjoy and remember us by as we all move on to the next chapter of our lives.

For the entire blog entry, click here. The band released Fear Everything in 2006.
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Play QUAKE Wars with PC Gamer and Splash Damage, Part Deux

Since everyone involved in our last PC Gamer/Splash Damage/community showdown had such a blast, we’re getting together for another round on the 31st of March. Everything’s set to start off at 7 PM that day and if you want in, just join the PC Gamer Steam Group – server IPs (there’ll be more than one this time!) and passwords will be distributed via the group’s chat room just before kickoff. We hope to see you there!

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Foundation: “Begging to Bleed”

Foundation, the project from Rob Huddleston of Ann Beretta and Inquisition, have posted the new video from their 2009 Paper and Plastick debut, Chimborazo. The video was filmed, directed and edited by Punknews.org’s own Chris Moran.

A record release show is planned for tomorrow night at the Canal Club in Richmond, with support from Dave Hause (The Loved Ones), Cruiserweight and Brett Adams (The Riot Before). A limited edition digital download of bonus tracks from the record will be given free to all attending the show.

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