Modern Day Escape sign to Standby Records

Modern Day Escape have signed to Standby Records. The band will enter Chin Music Studios in Cleveland with producers Don Debiase (Beneath the Sky, Driver Side Impact) and Johnny Burke (Forever In Terror, Vice On Victory) to record their upcoming full length slated for an early second quarter release.

You can check out some music on their myspace page.
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Eco Cup Skate Competition in California

The Harmony Festival has been announced for June 12-14 at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA.

The event will feature a professional skate expo and competition dubbed the Eco-Cup, featuring many of the biggest names in professional skating competing on a 175-foot long mini Mega Ramp with a mind-blowing 30-foot drop from an 18-foot vertical ramp (the equivalent of a three-story building). The event will also include the first-ever “best trick” rail contest over a 20-foot gap with $40,000 in prize winnings.

Music for the show will be provided by the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Pepper, Rebulution, Hightower, Tall Black Girls, Zepparella, Egypt Central, local bands The Whiskey Thieves and American Drag, and MC Radioactive.

Check out ticket information here.
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Evergreen Terrace enters the studio

Jacksonville, FL’s Evergreen Terrace have announced plans to enter the studio to work on Almost Home, their first new album since 2007’s Wolfbiker. The band is now geared up to enter Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando, FL with Jason Suecof (Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, Job for a Cowboy) who will be recording vocals and handling mixing with the rest of the recording taking place with Stan Martell at Martell Studios in Kingsland, GA.

The album is set for a September 2009 release.
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This Is Hardcore Fest 2009 announce lineup

The initial lineup has been announced for the 4th annual This Is Hardcore Fest. The shows will take place at Starlight Ballroom/ Club Polaris in Philadelphia, PA on August 14th, 15th and 16th.

The bill will feature Bane, Bitter End, Blacklisted, Cold World, Cruel Hand, Giving Chase, Have Heart, Hoods, Know the Score, Let Down, Pulling Teeth, Reach the Sky, Shipwreck, Suicide File, The Carrier, The Killer, Bad Seed, Convicted, Cut It Out, Floorpunch, Forcefed, Guns Up, Mindset, Mother of Mercy, My Turn to Win, Naysayer, Reign Supreme, Strength for a Reason, The Mongoloids, Until the End and Wisdom In Chains.

Tickets are expected to go on sale in June.
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Faith No More announce Greatest Hits compilation

Faith No More have announced plans to release a two disc retrospective compilation collecting greatest hits and rarities. The record is titled The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection and is due out June 8, 2009.

This is not the first such compilation from the band, with 1998’s Who Cares a Lot?, 2003’s This Is It: The Best of Faith No More, 2005’s Epic and Other Hits, 2006’s The Platinum Collection and last year’s 3-disc The Works.

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Police incident after Bambooble Roadshow

A number of you wrote in with news about an incident involving the police after the Bamboozle Roadshow date in Philadelphia. According to the account of JD Perry of Valencia (which has since been removed):

The bands pulled their van in the back alley to load out as the usual process, the South Street bike cops came through the alley, yelling at the bands to move their vans because they were not allowed to park. The bands asked the cops if they could have a few extra minutes so they could get all their gear out.

Four tickets were written and it upset Trevor (tour manager) so he tried to contest them and was arrested for what I’m assuming to be “obstruction of justice.” As they had him in handcuffs, Chris (who sells merch on the tour) tried to come outside to contest his arrest, he was yelled at to stay inside and in discussion the police lost patience and literally beat him back inside the door, then to the ground, and arrested him for “assaulting a police office” when he did not touch them nor gave them any incentive to think they were in danger.

An office has the right to use force when he fears his own safety is in danger. A verbal argument is not justification to beat an innocent bystander with metal batons. After the cuffed him and picked him up, a large pool of blood was on the ground where his head was.

Some video of the incident was shot. An account of the incident was also reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer.
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