Tuesday, May 5 2009

Things have finally slowed down a bit at Reviews HQ and I was able to get up an update right on time so you can be nice and productive for your Tuesday workday.

Yes, there a lot of live reviews. Not my fault you guys won’t stop writing them.

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Mustard Plug

Mustard Plug Some bands haphazardly release a DVD with every new album. For others, like Grand Rapids, Michigan’s ska-punk veterans Mustard Plug, the process can sometimes take a bit longer. After 17 years on the road and still going, the band released its first in Never Get Out of the Van: The Story of Mustard Plug last December.

In addition to the usual fare of live footage and music videos, the band has culled 17 years worth of footage and cuts of a retrospective interview with the band’s founders, Dave Kirchgessner and Colin Clive to create a true documentary.

Kirchgessner exchanged emails with Pads & Panels Bill Jones about Never Get Out of the Van.

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Incendiary: “Crusade”

IncendiaryIncendiary frontman Brendan Garone loves rugby and holds a master’s in anthropology. That about sums up the band’s debut full-length, Crusade — hard-charging, heavy hardcore that nonetheless keeps an intelligent and thoughtful approach to its absolute outrage. The band draws from the mid-`90s variety, having garnered multiple comparisons to Trial, Strife and Snapcase, while the album features guest spots from the likes of Jeff Tiu (ex-This Is Hell / the Backup Plan) and Drew York (Stray from the Path).

You can stream the Long Island, NY-based band’s Crusade at their Punknews.org Profile. The vinyl/digital-only release will be officially released later this month on Eternal Hope Records, following up last year’s Amongst the Filth 7″.
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Blink 182 begin work on new album, recording after tour

According to a Billboard report, Blink 182 have already started writing their first post-reunion album, though they are not planning to record until after their comeback tour this summer.

Bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus explained:

We started writing a few months ago and got well into the writing process, but now we’ve kind of put the recording of the next album on hold and are doing rehearsals for the upcoming tour. We’re still booking the Blink tour for this summer, so we’ll see how that all ends up working out.

Hoppus and bandmates Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker announced their reformation onstage at the 2009 Grammy Awards. They split up in 2005.
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New Found Glory: Green Day covers

Some videos have been posted from New Found Glory‘s recent cover set of Green Day songs from The Bamboozle Hoodwink. The event features bands performing cover sets of bands that influenced them. Anti-Flag covered The Clash, The Ataris tackled The Misfits and Cartel took on New Found Glory and Bayside on NOFX,.

Recordings are available of “2000 Light Years Away,” “Jaded,” “J.A.R.”, “Time of Your Life,” “Welcome to Paradise,” “Armitage Shanks,” and “Burnout.”
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