Rare Movie Posters Consigned From KIRK HAMMETT’s Collection Sold At Dallas Auction

According to PaulFraserCollectibles.com, an extremely rare insert movie poster for Fritz Lang’s groundbreaking 1927 sci-fi classic “Metropolis”, consigned from the collection of METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett, sold for $47,800 in the Friday, March 19 Signature Movie Poster Auction at Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, Texas.
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Punknews acquires Pastepunk

In an ongoing effort to continuously provide its readers with news, information and commentary on the music they care about, Punknews is pleased to announce its acquisition of our longtime friend and ally, Pastepunk. A longtime leader in the punk community, Pastepunk has been providing high quality news, reviews and interviews to a loyal readership since 1998.

Beginning on Tuesday, April 5, Pastepunk’s editorial and writing team will begin producing content for Punknews. The Pastepunk URL will remain active, though it will serve as a mirror for Punknews. Pastepunk’s message board, Mods Under Protest will also be integrated through the comments section of Punknews.

Pastepunk founder Jordan Baker expressed enthusiasm for the merge, stating:

I’ve always admired the work of those at Punknews, but more importantly, I know they appreciate what we do at Pastepunk. I don’t look at this as a takeover, and would encourage our readers to look forward to the growth in readership and exposure this will bring. I have always felt that Pastepunk would benefit from increased exposure, and what better way to do so than through this partnership.

Meanwhile, Punknews Managing Editor Ben Conoley says

I’ve been a fan of Pastepunk for years. But let’s be honest, there’s only so many readers out there. Why bother trying to compete with one another when we can instead combine our talents and work towards having a singular voice. If punk music has taught me anything, it has been that you don’t need numerous avenues of expression or ideas, but that a singular voice can be much stronger. This is our effort to singularize expression in punk music.

Punknews doesn’t plan to stop with Pastepunk. They have also reached deals to manage and produce content for pop music coverage through Pop Awesome and urban music through All Hip Hop. While full details will emerge over time, readers of both sites will soon begin to benefit from the writing of Punknews.
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