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Friday, November 12, 2010

Whoa, a Friday reviews update! Believe it. You can check out those reviews below:

You can check out any of our 9748 reviews right here.
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Unwritten Law to release album in March 2011

Unwritten Law has announced the artwork and approximate release date for their upcoming album on Suburban Noize Records/BreakSilence. For the artwork, the band invited fans to submit proposed covers and will be releasing three of those covers on three different album versions. Scott Russo explained:

We wanted to bring our fans into the process of making this record so we decided to have a contest where the fans make the artwork for the cover. We got a lot of great artwork and it was very hard to decide. We couldn’t get everyone to agree on one clear cut winner, so we decided to take our three favorite entries and have three different covers for the album. I think, for me, the fly cover was my favorite because it took what my interpretation of ‘Swan’ was literally; something disgusting turned into something beautiful. The second image of the feather in blood was everyone’s all around favorite, because it seemed kind of soft, romantic and violent at the same time. The final entry of the woman with wings sitting on a chair just looked classy and timeless. We felt this image of the introverted girl waiting to explode was an amazing interpretation that depicts the beauty of coming of age. We’re really happy that fans got to be a part of the creation of this Unwritten Law record.

The album is tentatively scheduled for release in March of 2011. Check out the cover variants on their website.
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Into It. Over It. and Koji premiere new songs from split

Into It. Over It. and Koji are premiering songs from their upcoming split together. The split is due out November 23, 2010. The two songwriters, who have been longtime friends for years, entered Drasik Studios in Chicago, IL for seven days this summer and collaborated to record ten new songs (five songs each) with the help of engineer Mark Michalik (The Swellers, Fireworks, Stay Ahead Of The Weather). It features guest musicians from bands such as La Dispute, Castevet, Cloudmouth and more.

Check out the songs on their Facebook Profiles: Into It. Over It and Koji.
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forgetters: “I’m Not Immune” (live on WBEZ Chicago)

forgetters forgetters have posted a new song, “I’m Not Immune,” performed live to air on WBEZ Chicago. The project is, of course, the new band from Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil) and original Against Me! drummer Kevin Mahon. The band made their highly anticipated recorded debut earlier this year with forgetters [double 7-inch].

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November 12th Update

Taannkk!, The Breakdown, Feature?


Everything is coming up Taannkk!!

Scared to play Versus? Think there is too much strategy? Don’t want to embarrass yourself? Give Taannkk!! a try. We simplify everything. What does everyone spawn as? Tanks. What is trying to kill you? Tanks. Why should you keep running? Tanks. You’re welcome.

The Breakdown.

Taannkk! won easily and here is how the rest of the field faired by platform.

XBOX 360

51% Taannkk!!

17% Hunting Party

16% Healing Gnome

10% Lone Gunman

  6% Bleedout Versus


47% Taannkk!!

17% Healing Gnome

16% Hunting Party

12% Lone Gunman

  8% Bleedout Versus


You are playing Versus, you see a Survivor in red, you pounce on them! You tear them up for 10 seconds and when you get knocked off they get right up. Seems they had temporary health you didn’t “see”.

So we propose that the Player’s outline should match their current health not their permanent health. So if they have 20 health and take pills we show their glow as green not red. As their health counts down the green would turn to orange then red.

The problem here is if everyone was green, you wouldn’t clearly see who had temporary health or permanent health – most people would rather be eating through someone’s permanent health in this case.

You can always check the scoreboard but this is just for the quick identification you do based on the infected glow. So that leads us to the poll question.
Would you rather the glow color reflect permanent health only or reflect permanent and temporary health? Let us know.
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