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EoD Update

The creators of Eve of Destruction announced today that they are porting their popular MOD to the new Battlefield Vietnam engine.

Check out their forums for some really good screen shots:
EOD Forums

They plan on keeping both a BF1942 and BFV version so that people who cant play BFV for whatever reason will still be able to enjoy the mod.

Photo Gallery setup!

We added a photo gallery to the site and uploaded all of the QuakeCon 2003 pics that Goose and I took last year.

We will be adding a lot of images to that area as we go from event to event. Keep an eye on it! 🙂

Gallery link is located on the left under “Features”

We are also adding some interesting military and commercial airplane pictures. – Atomm facelift

Some people may have had a heart attack tonight when trying to go to and saw “Forbidden”. [I know I did!]

Reason for that short down time was due to them setting up a whole new site. The site looks great and appears to be geared to host updated new a lot better…

In the forums, they state that they have “lots of great things in store for QuakeCon fans in the very near future”…

If you are planning on going to QuakeCon this year [like you wouldnt!], I suggest you start keeping an eye on the site…

[FYI] You will have to create a new account…

Battlefield Vietnam has gone gold!

That’s right party people. The time a lot of us have been waiting on is just under two weeks away. Soon you will have your own “nam” stories to tell your friends. [Well, at least all the frags you got while you were virtually running around the jungle]

“EA is pleased to announce that Battlefield Vietnam has officially gone gold for the PC. The game is set to ship nationwide to retailers under the EA GAMES brand on Monday, March 15.

Last I checked we will be looking into hosting this on our server so be watching the news here!

Full Story: Battlefield Vietnam

BFSM Updated… Get yours now!

Have you been getting upset at your new 1.6 server/BFSM combination? I know we have…

Nothing like settings going back to default, cant view out of your plane when the map changes… All the players yelling and yelling… AHHHHH!!!!

Ok… Looks like there is a new revision of BFSM now… We hope this takes care of the issues…

Enjoy: Battlefield 1942 Server Manager Continue reading BFSM Updated… Get yours now!