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Gaming will never be the same with AGEIAs hardware-accelerated physics technologies. Bridging the gap between beautiful static worlds and responsive physical reality, AGEIA physics technologies enable unlimited creative possibilities for game developers. The result will re-ignite the enthusiasm of gamer and game creators alike, and propel the game industry into unexplored new markets.
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AGEIA Sets Pricing on PhysX Add-In Cards. Physics Processing Unit to Cost Below $300

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ABIT Computer Faces Lawsuit for Faulty Outdated Mainboards.

Mainboard maker ABIT Computer, who was among the first mainboard manufacturers to acknowledge there were problems with capacitors on certain of its products and implement more robust components, faced a class-action lawsuit from one or a group of its clients seeking for repair of mainboards acquired as long as up to six years ago.

Read more and find out if you are a part of the lawsuit
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New ATI Driver

5.1 released yesterday!
List of Fixes:
Release notes:
This release fixed my cad program finally! Previous to this I had to disable Direct X to get performance. Not game tested by me yet, look to the forums in a day or 2 for any possible problems if your hesitant on trying this one out.

Half-Life 2 players call in sick

Hundreds of buyers of “Half-Life 2,” the hotly anticipated shooting game released last week, are reporting in developer Valve Softwares user forums that they feel queasy and often develop a bad headache after playing the game for as little as an hour.

From the comments, here is an itneresting take on the problem:
“Most First Person Shooter games have a fov of 90 degrees. The default in Half Life 2 is 75 degrees.

…Go into options and go to keyboard, hit advanced options and enable the developer console “~” then go back into the game and press the tilde “~” key to enter the console. Type these commands:

sv_cheats 1
fov 90″

More here at CNET.

Considering I had the same problem with HL, I fear I can not play HL2 either. 🙁 – Atomm

Gaming, the dark side

All over the city, people are losing their jobs, fighting with their spouses and flunking out of school because they cannot control their addiction.

But theyre not hooked on drugs or alcohol. Theyre disappearing into the fantasy world of online video games.

Article Provided by Nicole Bode, of The Daily News
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I would also refer you to our own 3 part article, When Everquest Is More Than A Game. See how far a player will go in real life to protect his in game character. Read it here after you are done reading the great article linked above. Ed.

ABIT Unlocks Overclocking Boundaries with Fatal1ty Mainboards

How would you like a mobo named after you?
In an attempt to improve its positions in the high-end market ABIT Computer, a company that is mostly known for its mainboards designed for overclockers, is said to introduce its Fatal1ty mainboard-series shortly, bringing extreme speed and feature-set, but only for those, who can afford this.

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Interview with Battlefield 2 Executive Producer Scott Evans

Just one of many question here:

Question sent in by: MaSaKaRi
Its been mentioned that a player can select different looks for his character, as well as weapons. What does this mean exactly? Will we have a kit system like Battlefield Vietnam, but expanded? Or will a player class be able to fully outfit himself from a list of weapons and clothes (like, choosing from 5 pistols, 6 machine guns, etc, a real list of items)?

Scott Evans: Players will go up in rank from Private through the various military officer ranks. As players do so they will unlock new weapons and equipment which they can outfit their soldier with. Better players will naturally progress more quickly. However, we are changing the scoring system to reward those previously thankless people who role played within their kit. Rewarding engineers who repair vehicles and medics who heal teammates fosters a greater sense of teamwork.

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