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Linux worm targets PHP packages

In the grand world of keeping systems patched, Windows users are usually singled out for failing to keep their boxes up to date. But the phenomenom of users continuing to use software containing known vulnerabilities is hardly something peculiar to Microsoft. Thats why virus writers have gotten together and done something quite rare: theyve written a worm that targets Linux systems. And its finding targets. [To read more]

Forum Problems?

If you are getting a blank page trying to open the Gamers Radio forums, please clear your browser cache. We went through a site refacing this past week and your browser may be confused. We have three confirmed cases of blank pages that a simple clearing the cache fixed all three.

Razes Blog #1

Today, I was out pubbing on an official EA US server. I was having a typical time playing. After about 5 minutes I was TK’d, no biggie it happens. I respawned and it wasn’t a minute later that I was TK’d again. Same person. OK, I’m thinking what a moe. I respawned again in a different location. Minute later I get TK’d again by a different person wearing the same tag. Curiosity kicked in. I squaded up with them thinking, maybe the whole nametag wrong color bug was happening. Now I know where they all are. I spawn next to another squad and all was fine and dandy. That was until we all converged on the same flag that was left. Still on their squad knowing what had happened earlier, I cringed. With good reason if I might add, as soon as the squad I was running with joined the questionable squad they TK’d the whole group. I commenced to TK punish from this point. A few minutes later the round ended and I noticed all the questionable guys on this squad were 1,2,3 and I think 5. How was this? I left the server and found another server where I think I found my niche as an engineer. I also found that you CAN pick up another team’s Mines for .25 of mine were picked up by the opposing team. I seen them pick one up. This made me happy for I must try to do this now.

Adobe to aquire Macromedia

Its been rumored that Adobe had interest in acquiring Macromedia for quite a while now. Looks like the reality is now.

The webmaster where I work, asked this question:

"I wonder what tools well be working with 5 years from now? Probably not much different. But, Macromedia has always held up the other side of the scale from Adobe. Where Adobe had shortcomings, Macromedia filled the void.

I suppose Adobe is the Microsoft of the multimedia world."

To read the full story from Adobes mouth here.

Battlecraft 1.2

Battlecraft 1.2 is ready for download. Here are some of the changes they mentioned. It can be downloaded at

Version 1.2 Changelog
-Changed mouse-over routines in BCV to be more accurate
-Added tunnel code and tunnel properties dialog for BFV 1.2
-Added new object tab system
-Added graphical icons to entity tree
-Added new objects
-Tweaked Camera On Ground code to be more at player eye view to feel more like walking around the level
-Added code to generate in-game map for underground
-Many other various tweeks

Windows XP SP2

Microsoft XPs SP2 is just around the corner. The final version that will be release to the public is now available for OEMs and MSDN subscribers. Microsoft hasnt set a “hard date” of release on their website. They have released some instructions on how to set up Windows Update to automatically intall the service pack. It cant be long. Read more for details. Continue reading Windows XP SP2

Battlecraft 1.1 Update SOON!

Just an update on for those curious about the crashes using Battlecraft 1.0 and the new patch of Battlefield Vietnam 1.1.

There is a new release of Battlecraft 1.1 that should be coming out within the next couple of days. It was slated to come out at the same time as the new BFV 1.1, but due to overwhelming workload that the EA testing department is under, it has been delayed for a couple days until EA testing can have a chance to ok it for release. The new release of BFV has a new StandardMesh file format that the current BCV is not programmed to handle. It has been addressed in the new release of BCV 1.1. Here are some other things that have been addressed.

Version 1.1
-Fixed bug with default texture set
-Added support for BFV terrain lightmap generation
-Added support for BFV terrain lightmap merging
-Added support for BFV object lightmap generation
-Added new BFV patch 1.1 vehicle support
-Added support for new BFV 1.1 .SM file format.
-Fixed crash bug when OLM does not complete task.
-Added an include command to the .lst to include other .lst files.
-Added back in support for large maps in BCV.
-Add definition in .cfg to specify executable name.
-Changed RFA compression algorythm. File size should be about 1/2 the size.

Hang in there… its coming.
More Here.