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First Look at Mod Tools for BF2

I saw this last week on the EA site when it came out, but didnt realize that there was so much information about the mod tools that DICE is creating for BF2. DICEs Battlefield Mod Coordinator Lawrence Brown (Formerly of Trauma Studios) has put together a quick introduction to the mod tools. What seems like it will be the greatest improvement is that it is an all in one package for mapping and modding existing objects. New models and animations will still need to be done in a 3rd party software such as 3DMax or Maya, but everything else can apparently be accomplished in the different subsections of the modding program.

You can read all of the details in the February 4, 2005 Community Update.

More Forgotten Hope Updates

The Forgotten Hope mod has released some more information on their upcoming update. Among other things, they have added the M4A1 Sherman (75mm cannon) in British (shown below) and American colors, as well as the M4A1 that was upgraded with a 76mm cannon to make it a larger threat to the heavier German armor. They have also done some work on the “Battle of Foy” map including adding a snow effect.

you can read all about it at the Forgotten Hope website

BF42/BFV Bug Exposed!

Ever go prone or jump behind some sandbags in BF42/BFV and still get killed even though you were sure you were out of sight? Well, while perusing the Forgotten Hope forums this evening I found an interesting post that lead me to the Silent Heroes BF42 Mod site and a news item that they had written that might shed some light on why that happens. Here is the lead in from the article:

“For some 2 years we have had a feeling that we were shoot when we shouldnt, when we hid by throwing ourselfs behind sandbags – even though we should have been in safety behind the cover. Lagg, net-code, (bad) luck was all blamed and the behavior dubbed by some as the sandbag-bug. And it pretty much continued like this for 2 years. Today Rainbearer showed his discovery that he could shoot anyone, even though he aimed in the air above them, while they where going prone. This made it clear for me that the faulty behavior was connected to animations, not netcode or client delays.” (emphasis added)

“After some initial research it became clear that the problem was a global one. It was NOT limited to players going prone, but actually for every animation-transition performed by the player-character.”

They even created a short video exposing the bug and calling for DICE/EA to correct it. Here is a link to the compressed video and accompanying readme file: The Proof!

Click read more to view the readme text explanation from the Silent Heroes guys. Continue reading BF42/BFV Bug Exposed!

Forgotten Hope News Update

The Forgotten Hope mod for BF42 has posted an update showcasing some recent developments.

First, they announced the winner of their mapping contest. The winning map was Nuenen-1944 by Mars. For his work, The mod team will create a new static model and vehicle for Mars to use on a new map.

Second, they are working on some small changes to Fan Map-pack #2 and will be releasing it in the near future. In the meantime they will be posting screen shots of the maps.

This will all serve to fill our FH needs until the 0.67 update which is promised “soon”. This update promises new weapons and vehicles as well as a revised “Foy” map.

Forgotten Hope Mod

Everything You Wanted to know about BF2….

Well, at least everything they have told us so far.

Fizban30 w/ help from king0rism have assembled all publicly known information regarding BF2 in a single location. This includes basic information, map info, weapon and vehicle details, videos and screenshots. Here is a portion of the information under “Basic Info”

Basic Info

* Release Date: 03/24/2005
* Demo possible in Feb., not confirmed
* 64 players max, 30 vehicles, 11 maps, 7 classes
* U.S. vs Chinese, vs Middle East Coalition
* New gameplay engine, realistic physics and dynamic lighting, Material penetration feature, destructible environments
* Maps scales to number of players (16, 32 or 64 players) and provides ideal vehicle-to-player ratio
* Native PunkBuster support
* CTF undecided
* SP is beefed up
* Requirements will be around – 1.4GHz, 512MB RAM, shadermodel 1.4 supporting gfx card
* Ingame Squads –
o Squad leader can use T key to issue commands
o Squad leader in a vehicle becomes a mobile spawn point for squad members
o Can be password protected
o Max of 6 players and leader
o Squad leader can set waypoints
o Temporary spawn points can be made

The site can be found here and is “under construction”, but is pretty cool.

Power Does Not = Time, The Story of Guildwars

Filefront has posted a “F! True Game Story” relating to the development of Guildwars and the people and ideas behind that MMORPG. Basically they are intending to build a MMORGP that isnt just fun for people who play it for every waking hour of the day. Very interesting read even for those of us who arent playing World of Warcrack, uh… I mean Warcraft. 🙂

F! True Game Story – Guild Wars

Forgotten Hope 0.66 Released

The Forgotten Hope Mod has released the .66 version this morning.

The list of mirrors hosting the 295MB incremental patch are here

A listing of all of the changes to the mod is at .65 to .66 Change Log

There is also a very useful FH instructional page at Forgotten Hope School which highlights some of the major changes in play between the mod and Vanilla BF42. I learned a few things here, and you could too.

Lets go play!

Linux Server Patch Available Soon for BF42 and BFV

Good news from the EA Battlefield Vietnam Website:

“12.3.04 – Community Update

Listen Up Soldiers,
News from the front lines tells me that Linux server versions of the latest update is coming early next week. While I can’t say exactly when it will hit, I can tell you that you won’t have to wait too much longer for it. Both Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam will be supported with an update.

Punk Buster
EvenBalance has resolved any issues that were occurring between PunkBuster and the latest Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam updates. To this point, you shouldn’t be seeing any further issues with the update and PunkBuster.

Until next week, this is EAComMike signing off for the rest of the Battlefield team!”