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GR2 Playlist

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GR2: The Punk Phase!

Current Play List


:30 Seconds Over TokyoStand Your Ground
59 times the painclassaction
7 SecondsMeant To Be My Own
88 Fingers LouieDrunk & Ugly
88 Fingers LouieSelfish Means
AdolescentsNo Way
Against All AuthorityDinkas When I Close My Eyes
Agent OrangeAmerica
Agent OrangeBloodstains
Ann BerettaStraight Shooter
Anti-AntiThe Gold Old Days
Anti-HerosFuck Hollywood
Apocalypse HobokenPersonal Best
Aus RottenPoison Corporations
AvailBlack And Red
AvailOn the Nod
AvailSimple Song
Bad RacketsCouple Million Miles
Bad ReligionFuck Armageddon, This is Hell
Bad Religionheroes_&_martyrs
Bad ReligionVoice of God is Government
Bad TripSomething More
BelligerentsHate My Job
Black FlagGimmie Gimmie Gimmie
Boy Sets FireBoy Sets Fire – Pure
BuzzcocksWhat Do I Get
C.AarméTu Puta Mi Casa
Channel 3Mannequin
Code 415Executive Control
Code 415Stand and Fight
ConsumedOn The Take Again
ConsumedWake Up With A Smile
D.I.Hang Ten In East Berlin
Dag NastyI've Heard
Death of a NationJust Like Me
DecendentsI'm Not a Punk
DescendentsCool To Be You
Dillinger Four"I Was Born on a Pirate Ship! " (Holdyourtongue)
Dillinger FourFolk Song
DischargeFree Speech for the Dumb
DomiStep Back
Doomed YouthPolice The World
Down by LawPut The Boots In
Dropkick MurphysBarroom Hero
Dropkick MurphysDo Or Die
Dropkick MurphysThe Warrior's Code
FearI Love Livin' In The City
ForgottenNo Control
ForgottenShot Down
FugaziPublic Witness Program
FugaziWaiting Room
GallowsIn The Belly Of A Shark
Goin' PlacesNever Forget the Ramones
Good RiddanceShame
Good RiddanceYesterday's Headlines
Gorilla Biscuitsforgotten
GroundedLoud and Clear
Happy CampersWave The Flags
HeckleSo Much The Same
Hi-StandardTeenagers Are All Assholes
Hudson FalconsThe Right Way
Joy DivisionWarsaw
Kid DynamiteHeart_A_Tact
LagwagonAlien 8
LagwagonHeartbreaking Music
LagwagonLeave The Light On
Lars Frederiksen & The BastardsS.P.D.
Love Equals DeathBombs Over Brooklyn
Love Equals DeathPray For Me
ManikinStand Still
Minor ThreatI Don't Wanna Hear It
Minor ThreatStraight Edge
MinutemenShit From An Old Notebook
MinutemenThis Ain't No Picnic
MudhoneyFix Me
New Mexican Disaster SquadTightrope
No Use for a Name3 Month Weekend
No Use for a NameInvincible
No Use for a NameNo Use For A Name – Angela
No Use for a NameNoitall
No Use for a NamePermanent Rust
No Use for a NameWhy Doesn't Anybody Like Me?
NOFX100 Times Fuckeder
NOFXAmerican Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)
NOFXHobophobic (Scared Of Bums)
NOFXOlympia, WA
NOFXPerfect Government
NOFXThe Irrationality of Rationality
One Man Army and the Undead QuartetIt's Empty
Only CrimeTenebrae
Operation IvyCaution
PennywiseMy Own Country
PennywiseTime To Burn
PennywiseWouldn't It Be Nice
RancidDavid Courtney
RancidOut of Control
RefusedBullet (Misfits Cover)
Reverend Horton HeatGo With Your Friends
Reverend Horton HeatReverend Horton Heat's Big Blue Car
Reverend Horton HeatSuicide Doors
Rise AgainstBlack Masks and Gasoline
Rise AgainstDead Ringer
Rise AgainstReady To Fall
Sainte CatherinesRing Of Fire = 4 Points
Screeching WeaselDegenerate
Screeching WeaselI Wrote Holden Caulfield
Screeching WeaselNobody Likes You
Selby TigersDolph Indicator
Selby TigersDroid
Sewing With NancieSorry in Advance
Sick of It AllBorstal Breakout
Smoking PopesBefore I'm Gone
Smut PeddlersRebatron Party
Snapout (aka Fastpace)Hope
Soapbox RevoltStand Tall Stand Proud
Social DistortionBall and Chain
Social DistortionRing Of Fire
Social DistortionStory Of My Life
Sound of a revolutionCome on let's go
Spoiled Rotten #2Media Frenzy
Stiff Little FingersGuitar & Drum
Strike AnywherePrisoner Echoes
Strike AnywhereThe Promise
Strung OutBring Out Your Dead
Strung OutCalling
Strung OutJackie-O
Strung OutParty In The Hills
SubhumansReligious Wars
SublimeWe're Only Gonna Die For Out Arrogance
Suburban Armchair ParanoiaClear Channel
SupersuckersPretty Fucked Up
Swingin' UttersJackie Jab
Swingin' UttersSwingin Utters – Derailer
Swingin' UttersSwingin Utters – No Pariah
Swingin' UttersTell Me Lies
T.S.O.L.Abolish Government/Silent Majority
Take WarningFallen Angels
Texas Is the ReasonBack And To The Left
The BoilsBullies
The Bouncing SoulsSing Along Forever
The Bouncing SoulsThe Ballad Of Johnny X
The Bouncing SoulsThe Gold Song
The Bouncing SoulsTrue Believers
The BriggsMedia Control
The ClashSafe European Home
The CrematorsThe best is yet to come
The DiffsMaster Plan
The DistillersIdoless
The DistillersSing Sing Death House
The English Work StandardCrickets
The ExplosionThe Explosion – Deliver Us
The FalconThe La-Z-Boy 500
The FlatlinersJuly! August! Reno!
the grays ctfolsom & 23
The HivesDie, All Right!
The Hollow PointsMy Misfortune
The Lawrence ArmsBeyond The Embarassing Style
The Loved OnesJane
The Loved OnesSuture Self
The Lower Class BratsGo Insane
The Mad CaddiesAll American Badass
The Mad CaddiesContraband
The NeedlesCaptain America
The New Bomb Turks01 Born Toulouse-Lautrec
The NobodysJoe's Sister
The ReplacementsI'm In Trouble
The ReplacementsStuck in the Middle
The Riot BeforeFifteen Minute Revolution
The Saints(I'm) Stranded
The StitchesCars Of Today
The Suicide MachinesPins and Needles
The UnseenScream Out
The Used801 Underground
The VandalsGo
The VandalsI'm The Boss Of Me
This Is My FistStory of Reconversion
This Ship Will BurnEpic pt 1 – Rise of An Empire
Tiger ArmyAnnabel Lee
Time AgainCold Concrete
Towers Of LondonAir Guitar
Trial by FireTo Whom It May Redeem
UK SubsEmotional Blackmail
Uncle TupeloD. Boon
Uncle TupeloPunch Drunk
VoidWho Are You
Whiskey RebelsRoll The Dice
Youth BrigadeLive Life

GR2 Playlist Update!

I updated the station today with 27 new songs and improved copies of three songs already up and playing.  If you look under "Featured Content" to the right side of the front page, you can see the play list in it's entirety.  Or you can click here .  I'll make an effort to keep it up-to-date.


Happy Holidays 

Major Update for GR2

Wow!  After laughing hysterically at The Office last night, I spent the remainder of the evening processing a major update to Gamers Radio 2:  The Punk Phase .  I went into the update with the goal of diversifying the number of bands and I think everyone is going to be very happy with what I've added for new music.  First, I sent packing a bunch of the lower rated songs, others that sounded poor, and ones that I thought sucked whether anyone else liked them or not.  All in all about 50 songs came off the air and were replaced by around 75 for nearly 8 hours of music!

I took this opportunity to fix the songs that sounded like garbage, and I hope I did that, particularly with some of the Dag Nasty songs.  Let me know if you hear anything that sounds too low, too high, or of generally poor quality.

For the "new" music, I added some of the 80's punk and hardcore like Agent Orange, Black Flag, Descendents, Social Distortion and Bad Religion.  I also stepped back to the very roots of punk rock and added some tunes by a group called Wire and another little known band called The ClashMinor Threat and Fugazi have finally shown up, as have Pennywise and Operation Ivy.  There is a lot of more recent stuff as well and you'll hear songs by the Selby Tigers, Retrace, Pulley, Roughnecks, Rise Against and Avail among others.  You will have to listen to find out the rest.

I also want to call extra attention to a band called the Belligerents that includes our very own Hymen Slaughter (That's not his real name) on drums.  You can find three of their songs in the rotation and I don't think you will be disappointed.

Stop by the Gamers Radio Forums  or drop us a line at and let us know what you think.


Punk Rock Changed our Lives

Press Release

Gainesville, Virginia September 12, 2006

This may not be the most eloquent of press releases, but since when has punk music been about eloquence or press releases for that matter? Even if a press release isn't very Punk, is proud to announce the debut of our second radio station on Live365 to compliment our flagship station in the Metal genre.

Broadcasting at 64K MP3Pro Stereo, Gamers Radio GR2: The Punk Phase plays a wide variety of music from punks' 1970's origins to the present. In History Lesson Part II, D. Boon of the Minutemen said "Punk Rock changed our lives" and while listening to GR2 may in fact be life changing, the intent is to expose the listener to the music that we love and that might broadly be labeled "Punk". Our core sound is built around No Use For A Name, Swingin' Utters, Rancid, Social Distortion, and NOFX. From there pretty much anything goes and the listener should expect to hear music ranging from something that might pass for pop, to a song that you might just as likely hear on our Metal Station. The intent is to play music that gets your blood and emotions moving because whether the song is old or new, political or about drinking and f*cking, we want it to mean something.

About Gamers Radio:

Gamers Radio was established in 2001 with the goal of bringing the two things we love together, gaming and music.

is a community website covering the PC Game industry, the Music industry and pop culture in general with a focus on the intelligent discussion of these topics.

About GR1:

Gamers Radio GR1 was established in 2004 and quickly rose to the number 1 Metal station on Live365 averaging close to 2000 listeners a day and more than 50,000 Total Listening Hours a month. Gamers Radio GR1 is also featured on as their Heavy Metal (Today's Hits) Station. All of the Gamers Radio stations are licensed to BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and Sound Exchange for legal Internet Broadcasting through Live365.

About GR2:

Gamers Radio GR2 is the newest station under the Gamers Radio name playing Punk Rock 24/7.


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